20 Wood Ceiling Ideas That Add Rustic Charm

Add character to your home with a unique and eye-catching wood ceiling design.

sunroom with light wood ceilings and floor

Patrick Biller

While paint colors, flooring choices, and furniture pieces are most often top of mind when designing a room, don't forget about the fifth wall: the ceiling. A statement ceiling can elevate any room and often adds an extra design element without taking up valuable floor space. While a quick coat of paint is an easy way to add interest to your ceiling, wood beams, paneling, and shiplap add a rustic touch.

Whether your style is more modern farmhouse or rustic country cabin, we have wood ceiling ideas for every design aesthetic. Draw inspiration from these ideas to make your ceilings the star of the show.

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Contrasting Wood Beams

a white room with inlaid wood accents and colorful art

Adam Albright

For a subtle wood accent on the ceiling, keep it white and add two or three evenly spaced wooden beams throughout the room. This works well for large spaces, because you'll save money on wood. And, keeping the majority of the ceiling white makes the room look larger and brighter.

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Bright White Ceiling

a cozy light filled dining room with a telescope and a pink rug

Erin Kunkel

Brighten an already cheerful dining area with a pure white shiplap ceiling interrupted only by beams and simple globe pendant lights. This understated style allows the wood accent wall, midcentury modern furniture, and fuchsia-infused area rug to stand out.

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Cottagecore Decor

a simple room with dark wood beams on the ceiling and blue accents

Edmund Barr

The cottagecore decor trend has been on the rise and perhaps you’ve been taken by its rural, slower living overtone. Driftwood-style exposed beams romanticize this bedroom and balance out the soft, feminine headboard and bedding.

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Make an Entrance

a dark wood ceiling with leather furniture and a wood door

Anne D. Schlechter

This cathedral wood ceiling makes a statement in this cozy, rustic living room. With extensive vertical and horizontal beams spread throughout the open layout from the entryway, it’s a stunning space to arrive home to.

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Simple Shiplap Ceiling

gray couch with a wood panel ceiling

James Nathan Schroder

Add a bit of drama to low-lying ceilings in a sophisticated sitting room. Continue the shiplap walls up to the ceiling but leave the wood raw and attach rows of beams for visual intrigue.

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Monotone Kitchen Ceiling

a white kitchen with three leather stools and pendant globes

John Granen

Opt for a similar shiplap design in the kitchen, but switch it up by painting the exposed beam ceiling in the same color as the walls and backsplash. An all-white color scheme makes the space look larger than it is.

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Rustic Kitchen Ceiling

a bright kitchen with wood ceiling and walls and white cabinets

Spacecrafting Photography

There’s something special about a kitchen with a rustic twist. This charming space is proof that a modern farmhouse kitchen doesn't have to be all white! Here, a wood shiplap ceiling drips down into the window frames creating a beautiful contrast with the updated white kitchen cabinetry and countertops.

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Cozy Cabin Ceiling

a homey attic room with colorful blue and striped furniture and wooden paneling

Alisal Ranch

Wood ceilings are a classic choice for any cabin, so if that’s the aesthetic you’re aiming for, it’s a must have design feature. In addition to the exposed beams, shoot for other earthy elements such as a stone framed fireplace, distressed paneled walls, and an abundance of cowboy-inspired decor.

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Slanted Sunroom Ceiling

sunroom with light wood ceilings and floor

Patrick Biller

A sunroom is a welcome sight in any home and can be used as a functional entryway space or a spot to unwind at the end of the day. No matter what you use it for, it should be styled just like every other space in your home—and that includes the ceiling. This slanted ceiling looks sleek with its wood panels and pops against the white and bright walls.

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Cozy Coastal

blue ceiling bedroom with beachy but dim feel

Ray Kachatorian

A pop of aquamarine on the ceiling is both unexpected and delightful in this coastal-inspired room. Transform an otherwise stark white bedroom into your own beachy oasis by painting the bright blue color in between white wood beams.

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Ceiling Cutout

a living room with a stone fireplace and wooden beam overhead


If your ceiling is vaulted, you likely already have structural beams. But they can be a design element as well. They can be as simple or as intricate as you’d like, with the addition of matching wood paneling on the rest of the ceiling.

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Outdoor Wood Ceiling

a covered porch with a paneled wood ceiling and bright chairs

Brie Williams

A porch or patio is part of your home, so give your outdoor ceiling the same design considerations as the rest of your home. A wood tone beadboard ceiling provide a charming backdrop for the outdoor ceiling fans that will keep you cool in the warmer months.

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Wood-Paneled Ceiling

a cute crowded kitchen with a disco ball light and gray and gold accents

John Bessler

Bring out the charm of a small kitchen with a wood-paneled ceiling that hosts a pair of unique brass globe light fixtures. The brown tones of the wood pair well with brown-trimmed cabinets and darker wood flooring.

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Vaulted Wood Ceiling

an open and modern living room with high wood ceilings and a gas fireplace


This detailed vaulted ceiling draws the eye up, making this grand living space look even larger than it is. The combination of horizontal and vertical beams helps to give this contemporary living space a spark of rustic elegance.

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Royal Treatment

a bedroom with an angled wood ceiling

Julie Soefer

Give your primary bedroom a refined rustic look with a vaulted wood ceiling complete with a grand candelabra chandelier hanging in the center. A cozy fireplace and sitting area complete the impressive design.

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Divide and Conquer

a white room with wood and pink accents

Jay Wilde

A large living area can be broken up into zones without adding dividers or decreasing its size. A strategically-placed white beam along the wood-paneled ceiling allows you to arrange the furniture to separate a formal sitting area from the family hangout spot.

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Wood Bathroom Ceiling

a bathroom with wood countertops and ceiling and two arched mirrors

Jay Wilde

Turn a minimalist bathroom into a serene oasis by adding an extra touch to the ceiling. Here, the light wood panels add to the airiness and spa-like feel of the space. The best part? You can get the look yourself in an afternoon.

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Painted Wood Ceiling

a living room with matching wood ceiling and floor and a teal sofa

David A. Land

In this cozy living space, a dark wood-paneled ceiling paired with with black beams gives a modern rustic feel to the room. The beams, which continue down to the walls, is met with white paint, stunning natural light, and furniture in vibrant teal and red for a look that's anything but dreary.

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Cozy Cherry Ceiling

a bright kids bedroom with stuffed animals and red accents


The cherry wood exposed beam ceiling in this playful kid’s bedroom is captivating feature that adds charm and a cozy feel. The ceiling can easily transition to a more grown-up design style as your kids get older.

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Floor-to-Ceiling Wood Paneling

a honey colored wood dining room

Jean M. Allsopp

This rustic wood-paneled ceiling with exposed crossing beams is a showstopper. Taking the wood down the walls and throughout the floor of your living and dining area brings the design to the next level and will make guests feel as though they’re staying in a cozy resort lodge.

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