8 Stunning Ways to Decorate a White Christmas Tree

Add a touch of timeless nostalgia and fairytale-like charm with a white Christmas tree.

green, gold, and black christmas decorations
Photo: Jay Wilde

A white Christmas tree combines modern sophistication with old-world charm and nostalgia for a gorgeous holiday look. If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, make your own (indoors, of course) with a festive twist on the most iconic holiday centerpiece—the Christmas tree. Give your home an extra dose of merry with a stunning white tree that sets the scene for so many decorating possibilities—from whimsical and kid-friendly themes to vintage-inspired glamor.

Because white is a neutral color, it’s easy to incorporate an artificial white tree into whatever design style and color palette you have in your home. Whether your style tends towards traditional or your space is decked out in farmhouse-style decor, we have plenty of ideas for white Christmas tree decorations. A white tree provides the perfect backdrop for pastel-colored ornaments, rustic woodland-themed decorations, and nostalgic antique-style baubles too. Whatever color theme and ornaments you decide on for your white Christmas tree, there’s one element that’s an absolute must and that’s plenty of bright twinkle lights!

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Red and White Christmas Tree

artificial tree ski ornaments porcelain reindeer
Adam Albright

There isn’t a color more synonymous with Christmas than red, and it pairs just as well with a white tree as it does with a classic green one. Give your artificial Christmas tree a more organic shape and create fullness by tucking in sprayed white branches and red berry picks. This tree keeps the ornaments simple and uniform—white baubles are used throughout the tree and instead of a tree topper, a pair of vintage wood skis steals the show.

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Playful White Christmas Tree

white christmas tree gifts sofa
Andreas Trauttmansdorff

Bring your white tree to life by decorating its branches with faux snow, miniature birdhouses, and tiny red robins for a pop of color. Use red berry picks to continue the red accent color and give the white tree extra fullness. Weighing down the white branches with faux snow gives the tree a more realistic look that anyone dreaming of a snowy Christmas will appreciate.

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Blue Christmas Ornaments

Blue white christmas tree paper snowflakes
Adam Albright

Blue and white is a classic winter color combination, which makes this the perfect color choice when it comes to decorating a white Christmas tree. This snow-themed flocked white tree is packed with snowflakes in various shades of blue, teal glass ornaments, and fluffy pom-poms. If you’re not ready to give up a traditional evergreen Christmas tree but want to use a white tree somewhere in your home, this is a great way to do it. Place a tabletop-sized tree on a round pedestal table and surround it with smaller trees, faux snow, and small decorations such as these whimsical polar bears.  

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Woodland-Themed Christmas Trees

green, gold, and black christmas decorations
Jay Wilde

Decorating your white Christmas tree with woodland-themed ornaments will give it the rustic charm of a freshly-cut evergreen. An array of forest green pinecone and sphere baubles hang on these trees, complemented by gold starburst decorations, copper-colored glass ornaments, and whimsical mushrooms. Woven wicker baskets are a great alternative to a traditional tree skirt, imitating real tree trucks in both color and texture to continue the woodsy theme in this case. 

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Pastel Christmas Tree

small pink and blue Christmas tree on table

Hector Manuel Sanchez

For the ultimate holiday magic, go with pastel-colored decorations that’ll make your white Christmas tree feel like it’s right out of the Nutcracker! Pink, silver, teal, and gold ornaments pop against white branches and an elegant string of white beads adorns the tree for a classic look. Instead of a traditional tree topper, an oversized pink bow finishes off the tree and its strands dress it in an extra dose of candy-colored cheer. If you’re displaying wrapped gifts around your white tree as decorative accents, pull colors for the wrapping paper and ribbon from your tree ornaments for a cohesive, color-coordinated look. 

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Flocked White Christmas Tree

white, gold, and blue christmas tree in living room
Adam Albright

For a truly festive effect, load your white Christmas tree with differently-sized glass ornaments. For a fuller-looking tree, tuck in floral sprays in between the branches. To prevent the tree from looking cluttered, stick to a minimal color palette—this stunning tree features white, brown, gold, and blue ornaments for an understated, classy look. To complement your white tree, use a white or cream faux fur skirt that’ll preserve its softness and sophistication. 

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Vintage-Style White Christmas

a white and pastel Christmas tree

Monica Buck

Sometimes simple is best, as this white Christmas tree shows. It’s adorned with vintage charm in the form of pastel-colored glass baubles, gold tinsel, and a traditional glass tree topper. Coordinate the rest of the holiday decor in the room with your tree to make it feel cohesive and intentional. A beaded garland in colors that complement the tree ornaments and antique-style gold bells replace a classic evergreen garland on this festive white mantel for a colorful and playful decorative accent. 

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Warm White Glow

large chalkboard calendar in rustic living room near brightly lit white Christmas trees
Alise O'Brien

Instead of the ornaments being the main decorative element on these white Christmas trees, it’s the soft glow of twinkle lights that gives them their magic. Simple silver glittered ornaments and a holiday-themed ribbon adorn the white branches, while wooden snowflake tree toppers add rustic charm. Instead of a classic tree skirt, galvanized buckets filled with brown burlap continue the rustic theme and complement the soft, neutral colors of these light and bright trees. 

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