4 Places to Hang Stockings If Your Home Lacks a Mantel

Just because you don't have a fireplace doesn't mean you can't hang your stockings with care!

A roaring fire and a mantel decorated with a fresh evergreen garland and festive stockings might be the epitome of a classic Christmas, but just because you don't have a fireplace doesn't mean you can't hang up your stockings. Luckily, there are plenty of spots other than by a chimney to hang your stockings with care this holiday season. We've got you covered with four alternatives for a merry stocking display, as well as handy tips and tricks to mount them securely.

entryway decorated with green and gold wall art and stockings
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greenery and stockings hung on staircase with red wrapped presents
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1. Showcase Stockings on a Staircase

A staircase railing provides an opportunity to deck the halls in tons of holiday cheer. Whether you opt for an ornament-adorned garland that illuminates the entryway with the soft glow of twinkle lights or festive satin bows to dress up banisters, your staircase is the perfect place to go all out for Christmas. It's also a lovely spot to hang Christmas stockings if you don't have a mantel.

There are several ways to hang your stockings without having to hammer nails into the steps or railing. If you have a green garland draped over the railing—which will complement the stockings beautifully—use green zip ties or floral wire to discretely attach the stockings to it. Alternatively, you can tie them on with a festive ribbon for a decorative accent.

If you choose to hang stockings from the garland itself, ensure the garland is securely in place, and don't fill the stockings with heavy items. Or use clear self-adhesive hooks nestled behind the garland, as they don't leave behind residue and are easily removable once the holidays are over. To hang stockings directly from the steps, simply place metal hooks or weighted hangers specifically designed to hold stockings on the sides of your steps as you would on your mantel.

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2. Hang Stockings from a Dresser

If you don't have a fireplace or a staircase in your home, use a dresser or chest of drawers to create a makeshift mantel to hang your Christmas stockings. Any piece of furniture that provides a decorative surface and is tall enough to accommodate the length of the stockings will work, but make sure to select one whose drawers or doors don't need to be accessed multiple times a day.

To secure stockings to the dresser, either hang them directly off the hardware or place decorative stocking hangers or weighted hooks at the edge of the surface as you would on a traditional mantel. Finish the look by dressing the top of the dresser with a festive garland and decorating it with candle holders and bottlebrush trees to add height and dimension to your Christmas display.

3. Utilize a Decorative Ladder

A decorative ladder is a great way to add rustic charm to your home, but it can also serve as a great spot to hang cozy throw blankets in the living room, plush towels in the guest bathroom, and, you guessed it, Christmas stockings during the holiday season. Decorative ladders are available in various wood and metal finishes, and in different sizes and price points. Lean one next to your Christmas tree and use it to hang your family's stockings, one or two from each of the ladder steps, using holiday ribbon or clear self-adhesive hooks.

red and white striped stockings in bedroom

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4. Hang Stockings from the Foot of a Bed

Bring holiday cheer into every nook of your home, including the bedrooms. If you have a metal or wood footboard, tie your stockings onto it for a fairytale-like Christmas display. What's more magical than waking up to see if St. Nick stopped by to fill the stockings? If you're purchasing new Christmas stockings this year, coordinate their colors and material with your bedding for a cohesive look.

Easy Pom-Pom Stocking
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Tips to Help Stockings Keep Their Shape

To prevent your stockings from sagging, trace the shape of your stocking, about half an inch smaller than its actual size, onto a piece of thick cardstock or cardboard. Cut it out, and insert it inside the stocking to help it hang flat and straight.

To make it appear as though the stocking is already filled, grab some tissue paper and gently scrunch it up, then fill the hanging stocking with it. Make sure to add paper all the way to the bottom without overstuffing it so that the tissue paper doesn't show as the stocking hangs on your staircase, dresser, or mantel. To make it look extra festive, top the stuffed stocking with one or two small wrapped gifts and gently position them to peek out.

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