What Colors Go with Purple? How to Use the Hue in Your Space

Whether you're looking for a serene backdrop or a moody accent color, purple is a surprisingly versatile choice.

purple wall with gray couch and white rug

Adam Albright

Purple is an often-overlooked color when it comes to interior decorating. But when paired with the right colors, it can be a beautiful choice. Historically associated with royalty, purple comes in a variety of shades and levels of intensity and warmth and works just as well with calming neutrals as it does with rich jewel tones. It's also a surprisingly versatile color whose softer hues, such as lavender, are incredibly soothing, while its darker, more saturated tones lean towards moody and sophisticated.

Whether you're looking for design inspiration for a spa-like bathroom or a playful kid's room, our favorite purple spaces offer endless ideas for tried and true color combinations that work every time!

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Light Purple and Turquoise

purple and teal bedroom with dog on the bed

John Bessler

Purple takes on a playful tone in this fun yet sophisticated tween bedroom. Paired with a vivacious shade of turquoise and used against a backdrop of crisp white walls, it's a sweet and whimsical color combination that works all kinds of rooms. Mixing the two colors through bedding, wallpaper, and window treatments creates visual repetition and balance. Both purple and turquoise are used as solids and patterns which is a design trick that makes a room look more layered and interesting.

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Plum and Warm Wood Tones

dining room table, table and chairs

A saturated plum purple hue enlivens this midcentury modern dining room and brings out the warmth of the wood accent wall and dining set. When thinking about color combinations, don't limit yourself to paint colors. Consider natural elements and various materials such as wood, rattan, or jute. The rich tones in the walnut wood match the saturation and intensity of the area rug's plum purple shade, filling the room with bold energy. Plenty of natural light from floor-to-ceiling windows and a white-painted wood paneled ceiling brighten up the space and prevent the dark tones from overpowering the space.

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Purple and Black

black bedroom wall with purple bed

Helen Norman

Bold color choices pack a punch in this eclectic bedroom where purple accents pop against black walls, doors, and trim. If you want to add a little drama, you can't go wrong with a purple and black color combination. To lighten up the rich color palette, incorporate a neutral, such as white or gray, into the space. Consider adding a metallic element as well, such as brass hardware or picture frames. Purple and black are used through both small and large-scale patterns in this bedroom: The vivid purple blanket features large embroidery motifs, while the black and white pillowcases showcase a small polka dot print. This is an easy way to play with scale and pattern while repeating your chosen color combination.

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Lavender and Taupe


A dusty shade of lavender in the form of chic linen-covered wingback chairs partners beautifully with taupe walls and accents for a serene and timeless space. Taupe is an excellent neutral to pair with purple—defined as a blend of gray and brown, it often has purple undertones and therefore lends itself well to this color combination. The softness and sophistication that lavender and taupe produce lends itself well to a serene bedroom, traditional-style living room, or relaxing bathroom. Accent these colors with traditional white trim, crown moulding, and millwork for ultimate elegance.

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Purple and White

cottage farmhouse living room

Jay Wilde

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a purple and white color combination. Small doses of light purple dot this rustic living room and add a pop of color to bright white upholstery. Warm-toned wood furniture and a natural jute area rug bring out the warmth in the purple accents and add a touch of texture to the light and bright color palette. In this room, the different white textures (shiplap walls, plush sofas, and an elegant fireplace mantel) keep the space from falling flat and looking boring. Use a color in multiple forms to maintain its freshness, especially when it's a neutral such as this bright white.

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Eggplant and Gray

purple wall with gray couch and white rug

Adam Albright

Create a contemporary-style room with the sleek combination of eggplant purple and gray. This modern living room layers design styles and colors and pulls them together through clever repetition. A tufted light gray velvet sofa and a gray midcentury modern accent chair add stylish seating in neutral hues that tone down a saturated purple accent wall. When you're blending color schemes, look for artwork that repeats the dominant colors of your space. The abstract watercolor piece hanging above the sofa in this living room does just that, bringing together all the elements of the space in an elegant way.

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Lilac and Light Pastels

purple bedroom with green and blue accents
Adam Albright

Lilac walls set a soothing tone in a bedroom, and adding pops of light pastels can give the space a light and refreshing feel. Instead of just using one shade of purple, take cues from this elegant bedroom that uses lilac, violet, eggplant, and plum throughout the space. This creates variety for a layered, designer-like look. Pastel green, blue, and yellow brighten the space while a woven wicker basket and double benches at the foot of the bed tone down the array of colors and bring in a muted, natural element.

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Purple and Teal

blue wall bedroom with gold bed

Anthony Masterson

Rich purple and teal jewel tones give this bedroom luxurious depth of color and a vintage feel. Pairing purple with a shade of blue brings out its cool undertones, which is balanced out with the warmth of a polished brass bed frame in this luxurious bedroom. Crisp white trim, window treatments, and bedding pop against the saturated colors for a modern feel.

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Purple and Gold


Ray Kachatorian

Play up purple's historically regal connotation by pairing it with gold. If you want to add a big splash of color without painting the walls, implement the color with an area rug. It covers a large surface area and is a non-permanent way to bring in color, such as this muted shade of purple. The color continues through chevron print throw pillows that are arranged under an ornate gold gilded mirror. The stunning antique-style wall mirror dresses up the otherwise casual dining room and brings out the elegance and warmth of the purple accents.

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Dark Purple and Navy Blue

dark purple wall with purple rug and gray chairs

Karyn Millet

Go with a moody color palette of purple and navy to create a cozy reading nook or home office. Dark brown built-in shelves add a unique touch, practical storage, and help continue the dark color theme. The emphasis on texture in this space takes the blue and purple pairing to the next level. A purple shag rug alongside the navy blue grasscloth wallpaper-covered ceiling and two faux fur accent pillows give the space a cozy feel. When using a dark color scheme, incorporate as many soft textures as possible for a warm and inviting feel.

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Purple and Brown

living room with pink chairs and beige curtains and white rug

Michael Partenio

A cozy color combination of purple and brown fills this living room with an inviting warmth. Pops of red throughout the chair upholstery pattern add a secondary accent color and draw out the red undertones in the purple and brown throughout the room, tying the colors together. To preserve the room's softness and welcoming feel, warm beige walls and a cream-colored shag area rug are a more gentle color choice than stark white.

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Purple and Green

green chairs in front of pink striped curtains

Gordon Beall

Lime green upholstery infuses this room with bright energy and adds a modern edge to more traditional purple window treatments and plaid throw pillows. The muted shade of purple and warm tones of the wood furniture create an almost neutral backdrop that allows the bright wingback chairs to stand out. To create dimension and variety, green is used as a solid while purple is carried through various patterns, adding layers and subtle contrast.

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