How to Translate the Wes Anderson TikTok Trend Into Stunning Home Design

Colorful, vibrant, quirky: Inspired by videos capturing everyday life in the director's signature style, here are some ways to achieve it in your home.

Colorful orange living room on left; white bathroom with pink details on right

Left: MICHAEL PARTENIO; Right: Rett Peek; Design: Better Homes & Gardens

Fans of Wes Anderson love his films for their eccentricities, from the beloved characters who inhabit his unique worlds to the impactful cinematography. And since TikTok is the birthplace of so many aesthetics or "cores" these days, it's not entirely surprising that the #wesanderson trend has taken the app by dreamy-hued storm, with over 1.2 billion views since the first viral video created by @avawillyums was posted on April 8 (at 2.3 million likes and counting).

The appeal of these videos lies in highlighting ordinary, everyday moments: train rides, visiting a park, going swimming. Using Anderson's color palettes and symmetrical framing, creators are transforming themselves and their settings into movie characters and sets—sometimes they even dress in a way that echos his characters' unforgettable wardrobes (who can forget Margo Tenenbaum's Polo dress and Birkin bag?).

As one user commented, "I love when a simple activity turns into cinematic glory *chef's kiss*."

Luckily, you can make yourself feel like you're living in a movie on a daily basis by translating the #wesanderson style into your home. In fact, it isn't too far removed from recent decor trends: Cottagecore features textures and patterns that incorporate pastels, wood, and neutral shades for a charming and approachable look, similar to Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom (2012). Also much like cottagecore, the trend highlights the charm of everyday life.

In The Royal Tenenbaums (2001), the intensity of the colors mirrors the passion of the Tenenbaum family. TikTok creator @keithafadi's viral video, captioned "You better not act like you're in a Wes Anderson film during lunch," is similarly saturated with color. In 2023, there's been a surge of color in homes as our lives have gradually become more vibrant post-pandemic. Green kitchens, pink bathrooms, patterned wallpaper, and Southwestern terracotta and teal are all on the design-trend radar.

Something all Wes Anderson films have in common: elements of quirkiness. Decorating with personal, eccentric trinkets and pieces is central to achieving the look. Go thrifting or browse through secondhand furniture sites, and you're sure to find items that fit the aesthetic. If you can find a few paintings (a replica of Boy With Apple, perhaps) that speak to you, creating a gallery wall will give your space the finishing touch it needs.

With Wes Anderson's newest production Asteroid City premiering on June 16, the #wesanderson hashtag may be just getting started—the film is bound to offer up even more design inspiration.

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