How to Buy Cheap, Quality Wine for a Party

There's no need to break the bank when buying wine for a larger crowd -- use our five tips to save money (without sacrificing flavor) when wine shopping for your next event.
  1. Buy wine in bulk. When buying wine for a large party, you don't have to stick with the cheapest varieties available. Many wine shops will offer a discount if you buy wine by the case. Before buying in bulk, make sure to ask your local wine shop about their policies, and request to taste the wine before buying.
  2. Keep your eye on sales. About a month before your event, visit a few different local wine shops to get an idea of how they price their wine and when certain varieties might go on sale. Do your price research with a few wines in mind -- that way, you'll be able to snag the best deals on your top picks.
  3. Look outside your expectations. Wines from less trendy wine-producing areas are likely to have a cheaper price tag. Instead of spending a fortune on a Napa Valley white or a French red, look for white wines from Paso Robles or Santa Barbara and red wines from Argentina -- they're often just as good!
  4. Go for the off-brand. When it comes to buying bubbly in bulk, Champagne can rack up a hefty bill. Many sparkling wines are less expensive -- but just as flavorful -- as the name brand. On the shelves, look for Cava, Prosecco, sparkling Pinot Noir, or brut rose to make your next big toast.
  5. Trust your taste buds. When shopping for wine in any price range, you never know quite what it will taste like. Before you buy, ask for staff recommendations based on what you're serving. Pick a few from those in your price range and ask to taste -- just because a bottle is more expensive doesn't mean you'll like it more.

More Tips for Buying Wine

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