The placement and use of flatware made easy.

Setting the silver doesn't require a road map. Place the pieces in the order they'll be used, working from the outside in. Here's how the items shown are traditionally used, from left to right:

Cocktail fork: for seafood or fruit cocktail, lobster, and for serving pickles or olives.

Salad fork: salads, fish, pies, pastries, and cold meats.

Fish fork: in place of the dinner fork when fish is served.

Dinner fork: for all entrees except fish.

Steak knife: for cutting meats.

Fish knife: in place of dinner or steak knife when fish is served.

Butter knife: to spread butter pats, soft cheeses, chutneys, and relishes.

Dinner knife: for all entrees except fish.

Soup spoon: to dip desserts, cereal, soup, or as a small serving spoon.

Teaspoon: coffee, tea, fruits, and some desserts.

Iced beverage spoon: to stir any tall beverage or dessert.

Demitasse spoon: serve with after-dinner coffee, condiments, and caviar.


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