Create a magical, romantic setting with our gorgeous tabletop ideas.

Use glass hurricane lamps to protect your candles from outdoor breezes.

A magnificent pillar candle encircled by a wreath of full-blown roses and tender rosebuds makes a stunning decoration for a table or buffet. For an even greater effect, surround it with smaller candles and flower-filled vases.

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Fairy-Tale Cone

Nestle the cones in a bowl of almonds coated with sugar and glazed with edible silver.

You can scatter these silvery cones randomly to provide sparkle and texture. Fill them with heart-shaped rice to toss at the couple.

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Embellished Candles

Silver candlesticks with white candles cast the most light around the table.

Adorn pristine white candles with ribbons and pearls to give them a designer touch. Choose candles in a variety of sizes or shapes for the most impressive effect. Use all-white candles and place them in various styles of candlesticks made from the same material for a more unified appearance.

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