Jungle Inspiration for the Ultimate Modern Wedding

Looking to bring all the beauty of a beach or jungle destination to your hometown wedding day? Here are some simple ideas to transform your at-home wedding into a tropical paradise.

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    Create Space

    By using rattan hanging installations and an abundance of lush greenery, you can create a charming and intimate oasis right in the middle of your busy reception. Fill a small area with large pieces of furniture (such as a sofa) or unique installations and you will create a cozy environment where guests can relax.

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    Add a Little Green

    To give this modern place setting a tropical edge, we added a woven rattan charger and sprig of greenery. Even though your large centerpieces will provide the most powerful impact, these additional details can seamlessly boost the effect of your tablescape.

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    Themed Sweets

    Let your dessert table tie into the theme also. These delicious truffle-like sweets, called brigadeiros, are arranged to sit on tropical petals and leaves -- a fun way to make these sugary treats blend right in with the "wild" landscape of the reception.

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    Up the Impact

    The backdrop for your wedding ceremony will be one of the most significant (and most photographed) sections of your venue. Make it extra dramatic by layering plants of varying heights in the background, then add smaller plants, flowers, candles, and accessories toward the front of the space to give it depth and dimension.

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    Go Wild

    For a tropical effect, don't restrain your bridal bouquet into a neat shape. Let leaves cascade down the sides and allow fern fronds to poke out the top. Follow suit by working with your florist to select untamed and unexpected florals in extra bright colors.

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    Groom Goals

    Add a single tropical flower boutonniere to his jacket to blend his style with the tropical surroundings. You can use a flower that is also present in your bouquet and centerpieces, or go with a statement flower just for him.

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    Bouquet Alternatives

    Hoping to make a one-of-a-kind statement? Forgo the bouquet in favor of a back corsage. A thoroughly modern statement, pin the arrangement to follow the silhouette of your gown.

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    Modern Trends

    To keep your faux destination wedding from looking fake or dated, blend modern trends with tiny tropical accents. The perfect example: These stone place cards placed alongside metallic accents with a lush floral backdrop.

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    Color Clues

    In the rain forest climate of many tropical destinations, you see a lot of greenery, but you also see gorgeously bright and unique flowers. Even if you are on a limited budget, you can purchase just a few vibrant blooms to place in central locations, like the altar or welcome table.

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    Play with Scale

    It's easy to create really interesting and rich backdrops by layering greenery, but another way to add depth is to play with scale. Put a single, large leaf inside a cool glass jar or arrange a series of small bud vases with petite leaves, then group them together.

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    Stay Thematic

    A fabulous invitation suite can make a dramatic first impression, and it can add to your wedding theme. Case in point: this leafy envelope liner and intricately designed rattan envelope, luxury invitation suite, and leaf-shaped RSVP card.

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