A Casual Pizzeria Rehearsal Dinner

Check out this low-key rehearsal at a classic Portland, Oregon pizza parlor.

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    Local Flair

    The Old Town Pizza Company is a quintessential Portland, Oregon, restaurant located in an old, rustic building. Sarah and Daren rented out the upper area for their laid-back rehearsal dinner.

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    A Cozy Crowd

    The couple invited their families, the wedding party, their pastor, and his family to join them at the rehearsal dinner.

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    Tokens of Gratitude

    At the dinner, Sarah and Daren gave gifts to their wedding party to thank them for all their hard work, love, and support. Daren's parents surprised the couple with a cute slideshow of them growing up and their new life together.

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    Casual Menu

    Of course, delicious pizzas were on the menu for this informal dinner, making it super-easy on everyone.

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    Help Yourself

    To keep things casual, the food was served buffet-style.

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    Easy Drinks

    Guests enjoyed simple beverages such as beer and soda.

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    Because Sarah and Daren had so many children in their wedding party, they wanted a place where the kids could run around without breaking anything. Also, pizza is popular with kiddos.

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    To the Happy Couple

    Daren's groomsman toasted the happy couple.

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    Silly Moment

    His one-of-a-kind toast included props such as roses, funny glasses, and other goofy gifts.

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    See Sarah and Daren's Wedding

    Check out Sarah and Daren's beautiful wedding that followed this hometown rehearsal dinner.

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