Easy-to-Make Wedding Invitations

Check out these 18 easy techniques to make your own wedding invitations.

Set It Apart with Handmade Paper

Handmade paper is a beautiful complement to a do-it-yourself invitation. To make the invitation, cut a back layer of card stock, then make the handmade paper layer slightly smaller. We left a 1/4-inch border of card stock on this invitation. To complete, attach the text layer.

Tip: Use double-stick tape to attach the handmade paper to the card stock. Glue may bleed through the delicate paper.

Layer It Up

We went for the layered look with this invitation. We chose a pretty polka-dot patterned paper then layered it with card stock in a complementary solid color. To make this invitation, cut your paper layers to size. Then adhere the layers.

Tip: Make sure to measure your layers very carefully, allowing the spacing between the layers to be consistent.

Simple Stamps

An adorable stamp is an easy way to add a lot of personality to an invitation. We couldn't resist this cute bird stamp to add a retro feel. To make this invitation, use two layers of card stock to add a pop of color. Then stamp away. Once ink is dry, add a little color to your stamps with the help of colored pencils.

Tip: Choose an ink color that is similar to your type color to keep your invitation looking consistent.

Button It Up

For a fun and playful touch, embellish an invitation with buttons. Simply choose a pack of buttons that matches your color scheme and attach the buttons with hot glue. If you're feeling super crafty and have the time, you can hand-stitch each button to the invitation.

Tip: Make sure to leave plenty of room for your buttons on your text layer.

Simply Elegant

Make an easy and elegant invitation with a touch of lace. Simply cut your lace slightly larger than the card stock. Spray the lace with adhesive glue and place the lace onto the card stock. Once dry, trim the edges of the lace to create a clean line.

Tip: If you don't trim the lace around the edges, you can wrap it around the back of the invitation. Just make sure to back the invitation with a cream-colored layer for a clean, finished look.

Pop of Color

Using a die-cut is an easy way to add color to an invitation. Check out your local crafts or scrapbooking stores for an array of die-cut choices. To make the invitation simply print a text layer, then back it with a pop of color. Glue your die-cut to the invitation.

Tip: Don't be afraid to use bold color. It will add a fun pop to your invitations.

Budget-Friendly Invitations

Looking for a quick and easy way to make a lot of invitations in not a lot of time? We have the perfect solution: 6-x-6-inch scrapbook paper pads. The paper pads come with about 30 sheets of mix-and-match papers. You will have a variety of invitations that all have the same look and feel without being identical. To make these invitations, simply print a text layer and back it in a solid color. Attach that layer to the patterned paper and you're done.

Tip: When you choose a paper pad, make sure all the papers can work as an invitation, place card, and program. You want to get the most paper for your money.

All About the Type

This invitation is really easy. Just pick out a font you love. Next, print your text layer using contrasting colors. To finish, glue the text layer to solid card stock.

Tip: Be creative with your type. Whether you do it in lowercase or all caps, out-of-the-ordinary type will add a lot of personality to your invitations.

Simple Stickers

This is the perfect invitation to make in mass production. Check out your local crafts or scrapbooking store for rolls of stickers. We found the perfect leaf pattern for this invitation. Print your text on card stock and adhere the sticker. It only takes a few minutes per invitation.

Tip: Save money by choosing the size of your invitations to fit the number of stickers you can get out of one strip.

All About the Paper

With so many beautiful scrapbook papers, why not use them on your invitations? We made the most out of this unique paper by creating a very horizontal invitation then backing it with a complementary card stock.

Tip: Choose paper with strong pattern then add a complementary card stock for the other layers.

Add Color with Ribbon

This is another very easy invitation. Choose a ribbon that matches your color scheme and pair it with matching card stock. Hot-glue the ribbon to the card stock. Wrap the ribbon around that layer to create a clean line. Finally attach a backing layer so you don't see the wrapped ribbon.

Tip: Make sure you buy plenty of ribbon or can easily reorder the same print if you happen to run out.

Asian Inspired

To incorporate an Asian flair into this invitation, we lined the back of this petal envelope with a modern Asian-inspired paper. We kept the text layer simple by printing onto a coordinating card stock.

Tip: Check out your local crafts or scrapbooking store for the petal envelope, or look online at www.paper-source.com.

Elegant Leaves

We fell in love with this leaf card stock. It's a very thick paper that didn't need another layer of card stock. For our text layer, we printed directly onto a vellum layer then attached it in the corners using small brads.

Tip: Vellum is an easy way to add an elegant look to any invitation.

Simple Stitches

Give an invitation a handmade look with the help of your sewing machine. After gluing the layers together, zigzag-stitch around the edges with bright thread.

Tip: Choose thread that contrasts with your paper for that extra pop of color.

All About the Monogram

Highlight your monogram with a scrapbooking tag. Make this invitation by printing your initial on card stock one shade darker than your invitation layer (printing a sheet of letters saves time). Trace around the tag rim, centering the letter inside. Cut around the inside of your line. Place the letter inside the tag -- it should fit snugly. Hot-glue the homemade grommet to the invitation.

Tip: Use a circle punch the same size as your tag rim to cut perfect circles.

Three-Tier Invite

Clasp together a multilayer invitation with an adorable fabric brad. Simply print your text directly onto the invitation then use a 1/8-inch hole punch to make a spot for the brad.

Tip: Choose a brad with a simple pattern to add a dash of color to the invitation.

Simple and Elegant Paper

This invitation is fashioned from beautiful scrapbook paper. Choose paper that has a light pattern and that will be readable when you print over it. Then attach that layer to a simple cream card stock.

Tip: Keep your type large enough to read when printing over a patterned paper.

Perfect Punch

This invitation is all about the punch. Shop your local crafts or scrapbooking store for pretty punches. Then punch the invitation along the edge of the text layer, allowing for the contrasting color to shine through.

Tip: The punches can be tricky when using thick card stock. Be sure to do a test punch beforehand so you'll know how much pressure to apply.

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