Do-It-Yourself Wedding Stationery

Check out 19 sets of beautiful, totally achievable, do-it-yourself wedding stationery.

Make It Pop with Die-Cuts

To get this look, check out your local hobby and scrapbooking store's selection of die-cuts. They make it easy to personalize your wedding stationery without have to spend much time cutting out delicate shapes.

How to Make It: Choose a simple color card stock (background) and pair it with a bold color (die-cut). This will make your die-cut pop off the invitation. Cut the die-cuts. Then attach to the card stock. We put a dab of glue on the back of each flower to keep it secure. Finish the invitation by gluing on the text. Highlight the text by backing it with the same color card stock as your die-cut.

Easy Invites from Paper Pads

For a cost-effective alternative, make your stationery from a scrapbooking paper pad. We purchased our pad for around $5 and it came with a whole slew of pretty coordinating papers. You'll have personalized invitations that all match.

How to Make It: Separate your pad into the papers that'll make great invitations, programs, or place cards. Since they're precut to 6 inches by 6 inches, simply glue on your text layer. To personalize the program we used large brads to attach the front and back.

An Elegant Lace Set

Turn black card stock into a beautiful stationery set with a simple lace overlay.

How to Make It: Cut your lace to slightly larger than the card stock. Using spray adhesive, coat the lace with glue. Carefully attach the lace to the card stock. Let dry. Trim the excess lace or wrap around the card stock. If you wrap, be sure to finish the invitation with a backing layer.

Top It Off with Ribbon

For a super-easy invitation, find a beautiful ribbon to set the color scheme. Pair it with layered card stock for a mod and casual look.

How to Make It: Start by preparing the layers of the invitation. Hot-glue the ribbon to the invitation. Then finish by adding the remaining layers. For the program, simply use a hole punch and thread the ribbon through, completing with a bold bow.

Add Detail with Stitches

Bring out the sewing matching for this customized stationery set.

How to Make It: Choose a dark paper and pair it with a bold thread. We chose chocolate and lime green. Then attach the text layer to the background using a glue stick. Next, zigzag-stitch around the edges, giving your stationery personality and a finished look.

Be Sleek with Leaves

We found this amazing card stock in a beautiful leaf pattern and paired it with vellum and silver brads for a trendy and sophisticated set.

How to Make It: Since this card stock is thick and sturdy, there is no need to back it with another another layer of card stock. Print your invitation on vellum. Then cut to the same size as your card stock. To attach the vellum, use silver brads.

Simple Stickers

This is a super quick and easy invitation. Check out your local crafts or scrapbook stores for rolls of lace stickers.

How to Make It: Cut your card stock to size, then carefully place the sticker along the edge. It works best to peel the back as you are laying it down. Voila! You're done!

Top It Off with a Grommet

For a modern look, highlight your initial with tag maker rims. To keep this invitation simple, we chose the same color paper -- just a shade different.

How to Make It: Print out your initial on paper a shade darker than your invitation layer (printing a sheet of letters saves time). Trace around the tag rim, centering the letter inside. Cut around the inside of your line. Place the letter inside the tag -- it should fit snugly. Hot-glue the homemade grommet to the invitation.

All About the Stamps

Stamps are an easy way to add personality to an invitation, like we did with these bird stamps.

How to Make It: Choose your favorite stamp and ink that coordinates with the text color. Enhance the stamps by adding a touch of color with color pencils.

Enhance with Handmade Paper

Create an elegant and classic look with a touch of handmade paper.

How to Make It: Buy the paper in large sheets. Since the handmade paper is so delicate, use card stock to back the invitation. Use double-sided tape to attach the handmade paper to the card stock as glue tends to seep through and ruin the pretty paper.

Punch It Out

You'll be able to make hundreds in an afternoon with this simple set. Check out the paper punchers at your local crafts or scrapbooking store to find one that suits your personality.

How to Make It: Punch a snazzy design into the lighter layer of your card stock. Then attach it to a darker layer, allowing the design to become the focal point.

Lots of Polka Dots

This simple set was inspired by an adorable polka-dot scrapbook paper. Once we had the dots, we chose to layer it up with the bold pink and green.

How to Make It: Choose a fun patterned paper like the polka dots and three solid papers that complement it. To make the invitation, make the background layer (pink) 1/2 inch bigger than the polka-dot layer. The polka-dot layer is then 1 inch larger than the next layer (green). For just a touch of color under the invitation text, leave a 1/2-inch border (green).

A Handy Brad

Get creative when it comes to clasping your set with a unique fabric brad. We used it for a tiered invitation, a simple program, and an embellishment for a place card.

How to Make It: To attach the brad simply punch a small hole (we used 1/8-inch punch) and insert your brad.

All About the Type

This invitation is perfect for the modern but simple bride.

How to Make It: Choose simple white card stock and pair it with a rich tone like this elegant eggplant card stock. For the type, we used a bold serif type and printed it in a simple gray tone to add a modern look. To add an extra touch to the place card, we added a square brushed-silver brad.

All Buttoned Up

Add a playful punch to an invitation set with buttons. Check out your local craft store for bags of buttons in the same color tone, then pair it with bold card stock.

How to Make It: Print your text on the lighter-color card stock, leaving room to add the buttons. Then attach your layers. Hot-glue the buttons to the card stock. If you want to give it even more of a personal touch, hand-sew the buttons to the card.

An Elegant Print

This invitation is fashioned from elegant paper. We found this pretty paper at our local scrapbook store and backed it with a simple cream card stock.

How to Make It: To make this invitation, find a paper that sports a light-colored design. Print right onto the paper, and then adhere to a simple cream card stock.

Get Creative with Paper

Look beyond keeping the paper as a whole sheet and start cutting! With this paper, its horizontal design was the perfect fit to make a long invitation. Then adorn the place card and program with strips of the vintage-inspired patterns.

How to Make It: Choose solid card stock that complements your patterned paper. Cut strips from the patterned paper and glue to the card stock. Get creative with the patterns from your paper.

Asian Inspired

Getting inspiration from this fresh scrapbook paper, we added an Asian-inspired feel with a petal envelope. Shop your local scrapbooking store for the petal enclosure or check out

How to Make It: For the invitation, measure the center space of the envelope, then cut the patterned paper to size. Layer the light pink square with text on top. For the program we simply folded the paper to a size similar to the invitation. For the place card, remove the petals from the flower envelope, then glue the ends together and embellish with the paper.

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