The Best Real Life Inspiration for a Modern Wedding Bouquet

The right wedding flowers are always a showstopper. And no couple's arrangements would be complete without the bouquet to match. To help you style your celebration, here are 10 stunning takes on the modern wedding bouquet.

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    Desert Vibe

    Nothing says "modern wedding" more than bright colors and bold selections. Seedpods -- and even a couple of cactus selections -- make this type of wedding bouquet an instant classic, especially when combined with bright yellow ranunculus, colorful poppies, and a king protea or two. Photo: Charla Story

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    Waterfall Wonder

    Another way to instantly update the style of your bouquet is to request a nontraditional take on a timeless shape, like this elegant spin on a cascading bouquet. Its subtle green and white palette, and textural additions like succulents, grapes, and ivy only serve to increase the visual interest. Photo: Allison Harp

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    Color Play

    Stand out from the floral crowd with a bouquet that's all about an eye-catching color palette. From poppies to garden roses, this fuchsia arrangement is beautifully on-trend and the additions of kumquat and thistle add an unexpected, contemporary element. Photo: Michael Radford

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    Modern Romance

    Modern doesn't mean it can't be romantic. Take a cue from this sweeping, loose arrangement's petal-packed flowers and neutral, flowing ribbon and opt for a wedding bouquet that makes you feel like a contemporary queen. Photo: Heather Hawkins

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    Wedding Whimsy

    One unforgettable trend in modern floral design is the use of unanticipated and occasionally nonfloral details. This whimsical arrangement takes full advantage of that trend to pull in grape leaves and fresh strawberries to balance out the lush roses and ranunculus. Photo: Rachel Havel

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    Monochromatic Chic

    Create a classic-meets-contemporary arrangement by choosing a traditional all-white bouquet made up of a popular modern wedding flower like peonies. Bonus: By sticking to one type of flower you'll end up with a bouquet that feels effortlessly polished. Photo: Jessica Fairchild

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    High Contrast

    A monochromatic base is instantly made modern with the addition of high contrast flowers -- like the black scabiosa here. The result? Contemporary, eclectic, and completely eye-catching. Photo: Our Love is Loud

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    Texture Feels

    Not big into bright colors? Skip them entirely and show the textural elements of wedding flowers a little extra love. Succulents and eucalyptus are always a good place to start for a subtle and spectacular bouquet you'll want to reach out and touch. Photo: Kambria Fischer

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    Low-Key Lovely

    If there's one addition sure to add modern style to any size or shape of arrangement, it's the air plant. This low-maintenance charmer requires little water -- making it perfect for desert-inspired venues -- and won't wilt in the sun. It's also a bit of a floral chameleon. We're pretty sure it goes with absolutely everything. Photo: Katie McGihon

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    Wildly Pretty

    Bold colors, unique textures, unexpected shape -- this offbeat arrangement checks almost every box for the perfect modern wedding bouquet. The dramatic colors and nontraditional floral selections, like parrot tulips, make it an unforgettable addition to the bride's look. Photo: M.K. Sadler

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