Pink & Red Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets
Red, a symbol of love and passion, is a fitting color for a wedding celebration, while pink, depending on the shade, is perfect any time of year. Mix green and white flowers with either hue for a lovely foil.

Multishade Bouquet

All shades of red -- from magenta to wine -- come together in this round bouquet. Chocolate cosmos, calla lilies, gloriosa lilies, dahlias, orchids, seeded eucalyptus, and ferns are arranged informally for a fresh-from-the-garden look. --Photographer J. Perlman,; Floral designer Mol Tran

Roses and Calla Lilies

Velvety deep red roses and luxurious almost-black calla lilies wrap this hand-tied bouquet in an air of elegant mystery. Sprigs of seeded eucalyptus provide rich textural interest. --Photographer Mark Hopkins; Floral designer Amina Marechal

Modern Classic

Classic wedding flowers -- roses and stephanotis -- come together in this bouquet to create a fresh, modern look. Pearl-head pins accent the center of both flowers, uniting the crimson roses and the snowy white stephanotis blossoms. --Photographer and floral designer Xaviera M. Pepe

Sweet Rose Bouquet

Fresh pink roses, lovely orchids, and green berries get an added touch of sparkle with a jeweled pin.

All Peonies

With flowers as lovely as these hot pink peonies, only a flourish of ribbon is needed to turn them into a luxurious bouquet.

Tropical Bouquet

Red-orange protea, warm pink roses, and chartreuse orchids unite to give this round bouquet a pronounced tropical feel. Sprigs of grass form the ribbonlike loops. --Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Soft Pink and Orange Combo

If you like pink and orange, a bouquet similar to this one might suit your fancy. Soft pink roses, star-shape bouvardia, and alstroemeria combine with yellow-orange roses. Lady's mantle fills in the gaps. --Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Passionate in Pink

A rainbow of sweet pink hues spells passion in this bundled bouquet. The loving monochromatic arrangement boasts multiple rose varieties, including 'LD Braithwaite', 'Double Delight', and 'Kiko', intermingled with naked ladies and dark pink sweet peas, and tied with an equally pink satin ribbon.

Pretty in Pink

In this bouquet there is nary a leaf in sight. Big round bouquets flush with peonies and daisies and set off by baby PeeGee hydrangeas are placed in metal containers wrapped in brown douppioni silk ribbon.

Lilies and Roses

The upright bouquet features pink nerine lilies and red cockscomb, while the pale bouquet was made from pink-and-white 'Rosita Vendela' roses and snowberries.

Mini Calla Lilies

For the ultimate in sophistication, choose burgundy mini calla lilies for your bouquet. Copper-color silk ribbon wraps the stems with style.

Romantic Duet

Roses and peonies -- perhaps the most romantic duet in the floral world -- come together to create a sweetly perfumed bouquet. Loops of coral ribbon add a playful touch to the arrangement. --Photographer Mark Hopkins; Floral designer Amina Marechal

Nature's Grace

We often think of roses as brimming with luscious petals, but this bouquet of tightly closed buds and
flowers that are just beginning to open is a wonderful example of the evolving beauty of flowers. A fitting choice for an outdoor or country wedding, this bouquet is an ode to the grace of nature. --Photographer and floral designer Sandra Meyer

Classic Mix

A classic mixed bouquet, this arrangement contains roses, wax flowers, calla lilies, and delphiniums. Pink is the unifying element, bringing the various textures and shapes together to create eye-pleasing floral abundance. --Photographer and floral designer Xaviera M. Pepe

Romantic Reds

Petite 'Black Beauty' roses, dark pink sweet peas, and flowing ribbon streamers give this bouquet an exuberant look.

Jeweled Tones

Jewel tones prevail in this bouquet of magenta dahlias, purple-blue hydrangeas, burnt-orange calla lilies, and yellow orchids. The dahlias and hydrangeas lend the arrangement a natural look. For a bouquet with a more formal feel, substitute roses for the dahlias. --Photographer John Schnack, Schnack Studios; Floral designer Amina Marechal

Rose Dome

Red and pink roses mix easily with pink berries with nary a leaf or green in sight. A pearl-covered cone and sheer ribbon bow give this type of bouquet a new look.

Roses and Anemones

A shimmering magenta ribbon ties together this vibrant bouquet of magenta roses, purple-pink anemones, and green lady's mantle.

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