Pretty Paper Projects for Weddings

Truffle Party Boxes
Your choice of beautiful scrapbook papers and ribbon can be fashioned into inexpensive wedding favors and decorations.

Keepsake Heart

This paper heart project includes a remembrance quote and is finished with a tassel and ribbon for hanging.

Country Confetti Cones

Fill confetti cones with rice, confetti, or bird seed to help your guests send you off in style.

Pinwheel Bouquet

Because you want to thank those who come to wish you well on your wedding day, it's thoughtful to give each of your guests a small token of your appreciation. Friends and family will treasure these simple gifts, and there's a bonus: These pretty party favors can double as part of your reception decor.

Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are fashioned from scrapbook papers. As part of your reception decor, group them close together over a glow of tiny white Christmas lights.

Candy Holder

Purchased papier-mache balls are painted and filled with candy message hearts. Or, visit to order M&M's in custom colors and messages.

Country Candy Container

Place delicious candies in this beautiful candy container that's cut and folded out of Anaglypta wallpaper.

Paper Fans

Folded paper fans are a useful gift for an outdoor summer wedding and reception. Hint: Hand them out before the ceremony so guests can use them to keep cool.

Country Bouquet Holder

Wallpaper embellished with fan flowers and ribbons makes these country bouquet holders special.

Paper Napkin Ring

These inexpensive paper napkin rings not only color coordinate your wedding, they add a touch of creativity as well. Simply cut strips using scalloped-edge craft scissors, then glue ends together. Hot glue ribbons and tiny silk flowers over the seam. Hint: If your paper is delicate you may want to glue it around a section of cardboard tubing for added stability.

Paper Cracker

Make your own table decorations by using crepe paper around cardboard tubing to make paper crackers. Fill with small candies or favors.

Striped-Paper Cone Project

Decorate doors, gates, or fence posts with a beautiful paper cone filled with a flower bouquet.

French Newspaper Confetti Bags

These confetti bags are designed for a Paris-style wedding -- using pieces of a French newspaper -- but will complement any casual wedding.

Flower Cones

Create these hanging flower cones as favors or decorations for your wedding reception.

Truffle Box Wedding Favors

Embellish a beautifully painted wood box with personalized paper tags and fill with truffles or an assortment of small gifts.

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