Wedding Color Trends: Green Is Everywhere

It's fresh. It's modern. It's classic. It pairs well with other colors and it symbolizes a new start...why wouldn't you choose green for your wedding?

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    Show Your Colors

    Striped chocolate wraps on a three-layer wedding cake rendered in shades of olive green and cream create a modern look. Each cake layer is wrapped with a band of slightly taller chocolate, creating a lip in which to nestle and drape roses cut and shaped from striped chocolate.

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    Make a Modern Touch

    Inexpensive and easy-to-make chrysanthemum balls are eye-catching floral touches for the ceremony and reception. Make chrysanthemum balls by wrapping 3-inch foam balls with chicken wire and inserting the flower stems.

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    Be Bold with Flowers

    Bright green mums create a beautiful pop of color in a large centerpiece.

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    Create a Personal Touch

    Small green-and-white boxes serve as wedding favors and place cards. Cover craft boxes in scrapbook paper and top with silk flowers and a sliver of coordinating paper with the guest's name.

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    Show Off the Place Cards

    Use a circle of pristine turf to hold guests' table assignments. Color is subtly infused into the arrangement with rose petals. A yellow ribbon is wrapped around the base of the sod.

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    Inspired Tropical Elegance

    Light green orchids bring tropical elegance to this simple three-tier cake. Dainty white hydrangea blossoms echo the icing embellishments that decorate each tier.

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    Delight in a Sweet Finish

    Perfect for showers or a creative cake option at your reception, these petite layer cakes are topped off with fondant and embellished with flowers. Cut these tiny delights from sheet cake using round graduated-size biscuit cutters. For clean edges, freeze the cake and thaw slightly before cutting.

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    Use Pretty Paper

    Choose stylish solids for your wedding stationery wardrobe. These beautiful invitations were paired with a chartreuse envelope for a simple but elegant look. Coordinating ribbon to adds a personal touch.

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    From the Garden

    Surprise details give your wedding decorations personality. Little touches such as beeswax-wrapped votives candles and stuffed terra-cotta pots add texture and enhance a garden-themed wedding.

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    Renew Your Place Settings

    Accessorize your place settings by slipping a green menu card into a napkin. Menu cards aren't necessary but are an easy personal touch for your guests.

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    Flaunt Your Fabulous Bouquet

    In front, a gorgeous bouquet of cymbidium is adorned with green silk ribbon and bead clusters. Behind, the unusual spherical blooms of craspedia create a sleek, modern bouquet.

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    Share in a Green Gala

    Using a chrysanthemum ball, roses, and cymbidium orchids in shades of green, this centerpiece pops against a solid tablecloth. Get this look by filling modern vases with floral foam to match your buds, or create a gel-like base with water-absorbing crystals.

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