Wedding Color Trends: Be Bold with Color

Add a little flair to your wedding day with bold flowers and flashy cakes.

Display a Summer Garden

Give the clutch of blossoms a carefree attitude. Inspired by the summer garden, this bouquet combines pink garden beauties in a blue-and-white vase for vintage charm with these simple button-shape blooms of zinnia, aster, and pincushion flower.

Flaunt Your Fabulous Bouquet

A gorgeous bouquet of cymbidium is adorned with green silk ribbon and bead clusters. Behind, the unusual spherical blooms of craspedia create a sleek, modern bouquet.

Dreaming in Chocolate

Use a signature blue hue made popular by Tiffany to give your cake an elegant air. This cake is covered entirely in hand-rolled, hand-cut Belgian chocolate, which also forms the flowers.

Boast a Rich Boutonniere

Use red dahlia as the focal point of a boutonniere, paired with dahlia buds. Dahlias are late summer and early autumn flowers and come in the fall hues of orange, red, gold, and deep pink. Create an arrangement that include dahlia, dahlia buds, and curled red wire.

Show Off the Place Cards

Use a circle of pristine turf to hold guests' table assignments. Color is subtly infused into the arrangement with rose petals. A yellow ribbon is wrapped around the base of the sod.

Get Inspired by Color

This bold red bouquet proclaims the color in foliage, flower, and fruit. Multipetal round ranunculus and yellow-streak red tulips make up the floral portion of the arrangement. Cherry-red crab apples and miniature apples share fruit delights, and burning bush twigs supply foliage.

Use Your Initials

Twin cakes sport jaunty frosting dots and are adorned with floral initials. Make the initials with flower petals wired or glued to a wire form. This look is easy to make and can be used at home for a smaller wedding, bridal shower, or reception.

Showcase One Flower

Hydrangeas bloom profusely in summer, making them a good choice for an at-home wedding. Create a centerpiece using an interesting urn and only one type of flower.

From the Garden

Surprise details give your wedding decorations personality. Little touches such as beeswax-wrapped votives candles and stuffed terra-cotta pots add texture and enhance a garden-themed wedding.

Dress Up a Rose

A magenta-tipped yellow rose wrapped with grass leaves is an elegant and artful take on the boutonniere. It's a lovely complement for a bridal bouquet made of the same roses and a few loops of grass.

Show Your Colors

Striped chocolate wraps on a three-layer wedding cake rendered in shades of olive green and cream create a modern look. Each cake layer is wrapped with a band of slightly taller chocolate, creating a lip in which to nestle and drape roses cut and shaped from striped chocolate.

Choose a Flower Pair

Purple and blue are perfect partners when tempered with a touch of green. Pompom-like purple allium and pale blue delphinium rise above clusters of ripe grapes. Snippets of grapevine are tucked into the arrangement for a touch of green.

Invest in a Sturdy Bouquet

Use curling petals of pink-and-yellow gloriosa lilies to soften the minimalist appearance of the bold yellow calla lilies. Two very sturdy flowers, calla lilies and gloriosa lilies will look fresh all the way through the last dance.

Out of the Garden

Use yellow-orange and red roses paired with orange and pink alstroemeria blossoms to brighten up this garden-fresh bouquet. Magenta globe amaranth's round, cherry-size blooms add color and textural contrast.

Embellish with Flowers

Topped by a modern mix of cake-safe fresh flowers and a jeweled pin, this multilevel cake features a motif of both real and frosting flowers.

Use a Simple Spring Pitcher

Violet-blue grape hyacinths are petite spring beauties. Use a single-flower approach to create a distinctive centerpiece with this much-loved flower.

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