18 Perfect Wedding Color Combos

Red and pink flowers in rectangle vase, green leaves
A smart color scheme is the place to start for much of your wedding planning. Whether you'd like a subdued, elegant wedding or the bold party of the century, colors can help tell your story. Click through our favorite wedding color combinations to inspire the rest of your celebration.

White and Light Teal

As you can see, this classic wedding color scheme translates beautifully from cake to table settings. These wedding colors work in any season.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Use aqua-tinted glass candleholders on each table.
  • Wrap a large teal box with a white bow, and cut a slit in the top for cards.
  • Frost cupcakes in white and teal as an alternative to a large wedding cake.

Blue and White

For a sophisticated any-season wedding, use soft blues and whites in your color palette.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Mix classic blue-and-white china with metallics or neutrals for a modern twist on tradition.
  • Give blue and white rock candies as parting gifts. 
  • Use blue-and-white chinoiserie vases of different sizes on each table.

Ivory, Pink, and Gray

This soft, dreamy wedding color scheme looks elegant winter through summer.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Use a light pink pattern and charcoal text on your invitations and programs.
  • Tie pink silk ribbon onto gray chairs.
  • Serve pink champagne during the toasts.


Pink, Green, and White

Nature-inspired spring greens and shades of pink pop against bright white accents for a country-club chic wedding.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Float cut flowers, greens, and votive candles in shallow bowls of water for an effortless summer centerpiece.
  • Thank guests with a candy bar in pink and green -- think Jordan almonds, mint meltaways, and bubble gum.
  • Showcase the colors in a signature cocktail. We love this cosmo-inspired fruit punch.

Yellow, Purple, and Natural

Yellow and purple are complementary colors, so the combo is an easy choice for your wedding. To keep the duo sophisticated, use a jewel tone of one and a pastel of the other.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Pair deep-purple violets with pale-yellow roses in your bouquet.
  • Deck the men in purple argyle dress socks. 
  • Serve lavender and lemon macarons alongside your wedding cake.

Shades of Pink

From bold fuchsia to soft blush, complementary shades of pink set the stage for a romantic affair.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Paint Mason jars with various shades of pink and use them as vases for your table. 
  • Have bridesmaides mix and match in a range of pink dresses.
  • Give the men a pop of color with pink pocket squares.

Light Pink and Brown

This light and neutral color scheme is perfect for a wedding any time of year.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Add height to centerpieces with blooming cherry branches, which are naturally pink and brown.
  • Dark chocolate truffles with a pink frosting rose on top make sweet wedding favors.
  • Create a contrast of textures and colors by pairing intricate pale-pink flowers with dark wood in your reception space.

Red and Pink

Paint the town red! Make a lasting impression with a bold pairing of crimson and pink.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Create a dramatic floral arrangement with just one type of crimson bloom. Here we chose roses.
  • Top a clear tray with pink votive candles for an easy and impactful centerpiece.
  • Layer red serving pieces with pink textiles for an unforgettable tabletop.



White and Blue

Combining delicate ivories and pale blues lends an old-fashioned sweetness to your wedding celebration.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Sit lemon-glazed mini cakes on top of blue patterned papers or coasters for an original dessert.
  • Navy looks great on all skin tones, so use the deep hue for bridesmaid dresses.
  • Send your guys down the aisle in blue bow ties.

Purple and Green

Invoke a fresh summer feel with a pretty green and purple color palette.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • In lieu of traditional vases, use green glass bottles, low candles, and purple peonies for a beautiful and inexpensive centerpiece.
  • Mimic the look of sea glass with lightly tinted glass cups, plates, and serving pieces.
  • Bold purple blooms pop against pale-green bridesmaid dresses.


Green and Brown

Try these soft, contemporary colors for a modern, simple wedding. For the invitation and RSVP materials, we used shades of both colors.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Use potted succulents as centerpieces or wedding favors.
  • Set the table with wood chargers under green salad plates.
  • Brown butcher paper makes a rustic but modern table runner.

White, Sage, and Peach

Evoke the feel of an English garden with pastel shades of peach and green.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Create your own milk glass vases -- simply paint the inside of clear vases with white paint for a vintage look.
  • Add sprigs of sage to floral arrangements for a unique touch.
  • Package green candies like mints and Jordan almonds with fabrics inspired by the color palette.

Yellow and Orange

Perfect for a summer wedding, these bold shades create a sunny atmosphere, especially in equally bold hues like this bouquet.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Hang yellow and orange lanterns over your reception space.
  • Make centerpieces by filling large glass hurricanes with lemons and oranges.
  • Dress bridesmaids in sunny yellow and give groomsmen orange boutonnieres.


Red, White, and Blue

A color palette of red, white, and blue creates an undeniably patriotic summer wedding.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Hang colored paper lanterns above reception tables. Choose shades of aqua and sky blue for a modern look.
  • Have the bridesmaids wear blue dresses and hold bold red bouquets.
  • Top the table with blue Mason jars filled with white flowers like hydrangeas.

Steel and White

We love this bold color combination for a wedding at night, perhaps with a black-tie dress code.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Alternate dove gray and white tiers on your wedding cake.
  • Use gray-and-white ticking fabric on the backs of chairs or as tablecloths for a coastal vibe. 
  • Dress the men in darker shades -- like charcoal -- to contrast the women in lighter, pearly grays.

Green and Pink

Go soft and subtle with this classic pair, perfect for a spring or summer wedding.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Dress the men in pale-pink ties and leaf-base boutonnieres.
  • Hang strips of gauzy pink fabric from the lights in your reception space. 
  • Have a stash of pink and green props for guests to use in a photo booth.

Gray and Orange

This modern duo looks striking in streamlined wedding spaces.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Your bridesmaids will look stunning in soft-gray dresses.
  • Wrap your cake tiers in pale-gray ribbon and accent with soft orange ranunculus.
  • Make a custom guest book with a charcoal cover.

Pink and White

Bright pink hues pop against crisp white for an ultra-romantic wedding day.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Wrap vases with white eyelet fabric for a touch of texture.
  • Choose big, bold blooms like lush peonies and dahlias.
  • Add pops of pink to wedding invitations, programs, and place cards.

Red and Orange

This saturated color scheme is perfect for a pretty fall wedding.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Adorn the outside of your ceremony space with sheer orange and red balloons.
  • Let bridesmaids choose dresses in either color.
  • Sprinkle orange and red rose petals down the aisle.

Tropical Brights

Escape basic wedding whites and embrace a bold palette of tropical brights.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Use straw chargers to add an island feel to bright plates and napkins.
  • Garnish drinks with tropical umbrellas for an instant tropical touch.
  • Have the men wear breezy linen shirts.


Orange and Green

This classic and bold color pair looks fresh with pure white accents.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Tie every other chair with a green or orange ribbon.
  • Serve a signature orange juice cocktail, garnished with a lime.
  • Weave orange flowers into a garland of magnolia leaves to hang over the altar.

Copper and Pink

Make a shimmery statement with a pretty paring of pale pink and copper.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Create glowing copper hurricane candleholders. 
  • Add a feminine touch to your wedding table with pale-pink linens and candles.
  • Serve rosy-hue cocktails like our Rose Cucumber Cooler.

Turquoise and Orange

This strong color pair is sure to excite your guests.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Wear orange heels under your wedding dress for a surprising pop of color.
  • Bunch orange gerbera daisies in aqua-tinted jars.
  • Alternate groupings of teal and orange candles of various hues and sizes on each table.

Bright Pink and Orange

Eye-catching colors like orange and fuchsia make a bold wedding statement.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Create an (easy) DIY centerpiece with muffin tins, candles, Mason jars, and fresh flowers. 
  • Add a pop of color to a traditional tux -- we love a bold boutonniere or tie.
  • Mix and match hued textiles for a luxe tabletop.

Berry Tones

Turn to nature for a jewel-tone color scheme that sets the stage for a warm spring wedding.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Elevate basic floral arrangements with fresh berry branches.
  • Set the tables with deep jewel-tone tablecloths.
  • Accent with neutral beige -- it helps the berry tones pop.

Beige and Yellow

Celebrate the beauty of neutrals with breezy beige. Keep things interesting with bold pops of bright yellow and deep purple.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Layer different-shape vases in one neutral color. Add sprigs of fresh-cut yellow and purple flowers.
  • Set the table with a beige linen cloth; top with crisp white plates and bright yellow napkins.
  • Add a few sprigs of purple to the bridesmaids' bouquets.

Brown, Pink, and Green

A dramatic autumnal arrangement like this sets the scene for an elegant evening of dining and dancing.

3 Ways to Get the Color Scheme:

  • Fill vases with whole coffee beans and top with candles or flowers.
  • Add pops of pink to arrangements with shimmery holiday ornaments.
  • Add an unexpected hue to stationery with bright green envelope liners and place cards.

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