12 Easy-to-Make Wedding Centerpieces

Copper candle holder craft
Liven up wedding reception tables with easy centerpiece ideas. These crafted or floral table toppers are gorgeous and easy to make. Best of all, each centerpiece idea is customizable to fit your wedding colors and budget.

Floating Candles and Flowers Centerpiece

It doesn't get easier (or more stunning) than this. Set your favorite flowers adrift alongside floating candles for a gorgeous but understated wedding centerpiece. This project can be sized for any budget, with small dessert bowls making as sweet a statement as large serving bowls.

Wrapped Vase Centerpiece

You don't need tropical leaves to steal this pretty centerpiece idea. Cut large leaves (think hostas, ferns, or large tree leaves) and tie them to your vases with jute string. Bonus: This is a great way to disguise the not-so-cute vases you might have on hand.

Etched-Glass Vase Centerpiece

Share a message with wedding guests by etching letters onto glass vases. Try L-O-V-E, shown here, or use the bride and groom's initials for a personal touch. To make:

  1. Align scrapbooking letters across the bottles, then mark off a rectangle around each letter using masking tape.
  2. Etch around each letter following the directions on the etching cream.
  3. Complete the eye-catching wedding centerpiece by filling the vases with brightly colored flowers.

A few stems of your favorite flower and a tray of wheatgrass combine for a gorgeous centerpiece that makes a bigger statement than a plain-Jane vase.

2-Step Flower Centerpiece

Modern and fresh, this grassy centerpiece can work at almost any wedding. Change up the container for a more modern or rustic look.

Sheet Music Centerpiece

Bring love songs to a wedding reception by way of centerpieces. Cut sheet music to wrap around a candle, and hold it in place with ribbon and decorative upholstery tacks.

Wedding Tip: For a buffet-style reception, play the songs on the sheet music to signal the guests it's their turn to go through the line.

Pretty Basket Centerpiece

Turn ordinary cookware into adorable centerpieces. Our "baskets" are perfect for a spring or summer wedding, and they're easy to make.

  1. Line a ceramic dish with moistened floral foam.
  2. Poke holes in the foam with a pencil to make places for your fresh-cut flowers. We used tulips and ranunculus.
  3. Finish by twisting two or more branches together (pussy willows work wonderfully) and inserting the ends into the dish.

Simple Paper Centerpiece

Easy cut-and-fold shapes combine to make cheerful dimensional spheres. Use patterned and solid paper in your wedding colors for a fun, fresh look.

Sparkling Candlelight Centerpiece

Surround candles with faceted acrylic gems to make dining tables glisten. Choose gems in your wedding colors, and arrange them on a clear glass tray. Place white candles in clear glass candleholders, and light the candles to illuminate the colorful surfaces.

Personalized Photo Centerpiece

The conversation will flow as wedding guests admire photos of the bride and groom tucked inside a clear vase or candleholder.

  1. Arrange photos evenly on decorative paper. Use double-sided tape to adhere the arrangement to a small cylinder, then nestle it inside a larger glass vessel.
  2. Add flowers or a candle to the center to finish the centerpiece.

Citrus Wedding Centerpiece

This simple centerpiece is perfect for the laid-back bride. Start with your wedding colors and find an in-season fruit that fits the theme. (In-season fruit will be cheapest.) Then, use bowls in a contrasting shade, like we did with the yellow lemons and blue bowl here.

Succulents Centerpiece

Potted succulents make modern wedding centerpieces. Depending on the size of your tables, start with 3-6 plants and layer them with candles. Let guests know they can cop the plants at the end of the reception.

Copper Candle Centerpiece

Get the look of trendy copper without spending a ton. Use copper tape to make these sweet wedding centerpieces. Simply decorate a glass holder with a crisscross pattern of copper tape strips.

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