Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Two red candles in pot with greenery and berries
Beautiful flowers for a beautiful wedding are a must-have. Browse our collection of pretty centerpiece arrangements. Be a DIY bride and make them yourself, or print your favorite ideas to take to your florist for inspiration.

A Traditional Wedding Mix of Blooms

A bright mix of warm-color blooms sits in an opaque white vase. Combine roses, tiger lilies, and other flowers for an eye-catching centerpiece. Use florist's foam and place flowers as desired.

Soft Elegance

Soft and muted, the pink and off-white hues in this bouquet are well-suited for an elegant wedding. This beautiful arrangement combines roses, tulips, and stock.

A Modern Pop of Color

For modern appeal, put bright gerbera daisies in a simple white vase. Cut at varying lengths so some just barely peek out the top and others stand tall above them.

An Eclectic Centerpiece

This carefree mix of flowers shows both tradition and whimsy. Roses, gerbera daisies, bells of Ireland, spruce, and bupleurum combine for this fresh arrangement.

Bowl of Blooms

Several iris blooms wrapped with ribbon make a gorgeous soaring centerpiece. Place florist's foam in a bowl. Wrap rubber bands around the flower stalks and push into the foam. Cover the foam with moss, then add the final touch of ribbon around the flower stems.

A Frugal Wedding Vase Alternative

Get creative with alternatives for vases. Here, we used a charming fruit-juice can. Cup off the top and fill with something heavy, such as small marbles or pebbles. Fill with water and place flowers, such as anemones, tulips, calla lilies, and lisianthus as pictured.

Easy Paper Bag Vase

Flowers sprout from a simple paper bag in this neat centerpiece. Arrange tulips, lilacs, and lisianthus in a wide-mouth vase. Place the vase in a paper bag. Fold the bag down to make a cuff. Secure the bag with pretty ribbon or twine for a fresh from the marketplace look.

Strawberries and Flowers

Three dessert-cup flower arrangements make low centerpieces to allow for easy table conversation. Fill cups with strawberries, then water. Push flower stems straight into strawberries for quick arranging. Use a wood skewer to poke holes more easily.

Multiple Bottle Display

Anything that holds water can serve as a pretty vase. Collect various bottles, beakers, and vases from friends and family, or purchase your own. Group smaller pieces around the taller ones. Fill with one or two stems of unique flowers, such as big pink peonies or elegant orchids.

Flower-Filled Goblets

Create a special centerpiece with small arrangements in pink Depression glass goblets. Fill halfway with water and position four roses around the rim. Add in other blooms, such as ranunculus, button mums, tulips, and snapdragons. Embellish with berries and fresh pine.

Paper-Banded Containers

Embellish glass containers to further the motif of the wedding reception. Fit bands of paper and tape around containers. Fill with simple white carnations.

Mirror, Vases, and Candles

Lay a long, bevel-edge mirror on the table to reflect the beauty of your centerpiece. Place freshly cut crabapple branches in coordinating vases. Scatter coordinating candles on the mirror's surface.

Flowers in Compotes

Display pretty flowers in pink Depression glass compotes. Choose matching colors or play with contrasting blooms. One bunch of big leaf hydrangea is the perfect size for a taller dessert bowl. Pink begonias and astilbe fill the other.

Sweet Little Wedding Centerpiece

A white creamer is a perfectly elegant alternative to a regular vase. Fill it with pink sweet peas and yellow poppies. Want poppies to last longer? Cut them from the plant just as they begin to open. Sear the stems with a flame and immediately place in lukewarm water.

Cottage-Inspired Bouquet

A cottage-inspired centerpiece calls for a loose mix of fresh flowers. Fill a container with roses, sweet peas, hydrangeas, daisies, tulips, lilacs, and stock. Guests will love the romantically scented bouquet.

"Cake" Bouquet Centerpiece

Make a blooming "cake" instead of the usual bouquet. Place florist's foam on a cake stand. Stick in carnations, mums, and roses in layered rings. The centerpiece will look good enough to eat!

Branch Beauty

Branch out from the usual blooms and cut flowering shrub and tree branches for centerpieces. Cut branches at varying lengths with an angled cut. Arrange in a glass jar filled with water.

Simple Outdoor Wedding Blooms and Foliage

Group simple, spare blooms in a stunning arrangement. Place individual stems in containers proportional to their size. Arrange several in the middle of a table. Here, we used Solomon's seal, bleeding heart, floxglove, veronica, white foam flower, and annual geranium.

Fall Wedding Centerpiece Idea

No flowers needed for this glowing centerpiece. Fill pots with sand and place on a bamboo mat. Stick in skinny candles in colors to match the reception.

Unique Centerpiece

Carrots are the unique addition to this towering fall centerpiece. Use two glass cylinders, one that fits inside the other. Place mums, sunflowers, grasses, hawthorn berries, and orange roses in the small one. Fit carrots between the smaller cylinder and the larger one.

Greens and Blooms

Graceful greens spill out of an urn. Place water-soaked florist's foam in the base of an urn. Insert greenery (spruce, cedar, and boxwood), starting with the feathery pieces. Fill the open spaces with kumquats, hydrangeas, and dahlias.

Seasonal Table Centerpiece

An abundance of seasonal motifs come together for a beautiful table runner and centerpiece. Layer wool and satin as the table runner. Place leaves, berries, and gourds along the runner. In the center of the table, put a cake stand packed with pears and pumpkins.

Bundle of Candles

The soft glow of candles will create a warm, romantic atmosphere at your reception. Group pillar candles -- we used nine -- in the center of the table. Create a wreath base. Loosely weave twiggy branches with fake berries around the bundle of candles. Add a layer of red berries. Wrap a wide ribbon around the candles and secure with pins.

Cranberries and Flowers

Cranberries work as a pretty alternative to florist's foam. Float inexpensive cranberries in the water of a wide-mouth vase. Stick in flowers. The cranberries keep stems erect and add a pop color.

Potted Paperwhites

Pot paperwhites in a silver footed bowl for a sweet and simple centerpiece. "Mulch" the arrangement with tiny green, cream, and silver ornaments.

Pink and White Carnations

A mound of pink and white carnations is the focal point of a table. Place florist's foam in a white ceramic bowl. Stick in inexpensive carnations until the foam is hidden.

Winter Wedding Poinsettias

Use white poinsettias for an elegant winter reception. Cut stems to the desired length. Trim off the leaves that will be underwater when placed in a vase, pitcher, or other vessel. Pretty and inexpensive, these flowers will evoke holiday cheer.

Greenery and Apples

The sheen of apples looks great with seasonal greenery. Place a block of florist's foam in a planter or vase. Add greenery, then fill in with a few apples and berry sprigs for a finishing touch.

Candlestick Pair

A pair of candlesticks is festive and warm when used as a centerpiece. Stick pieces of florist's foam in two small pots. Add holiday-hue candles. Ring the candles with greenery and berries.

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