Wedding Centerpieces

From fragrant flower arrangements to creative wedding favors -- and more -- make beautiful wedding centerpieces for your wedding reception or rehearsal dinner. Get ideas for your wedding planner or florist, or be a DIY bride and make them yourself! Start by selecting the perfect wedding color combination for your table decorations, then learn how to arrange flowers to create gorgeous wedding centerpieces. Add a splash of color and fun to your wedding table settings with one of these cute DIY wedding centerpiece ideas. Put together a sparkling candlelight centerpiece in a snap, or create a natural wedding centerpiece. A glamorous beaded wedding centerpiece adds shine to reception tables, and our step-by-step instructions make creating a sweet wedding cake centerpiece, well, a piece of cake. Incorporate wedding favors or bridesmaids' bouquets into the look, or opt for a simple paper wedding centerpiece. Take inspiration from our collection of the most fabulous floral centerpiece ideas. Sign up for our free wedding planning newsletter to get more helpful wedding planning tips for your big day!

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10 Garden-Fresh Flower Arrangements from Your Backyard

The sustainable gardening movement has encouraged many of us to dabble in the "forgotten" art of growing food in our own backyards. Since we're going to all that trouble, why not tuck some pretty flowers in there while we're at it? Just as we want for our food to not have traveled great distances to reach us, we are beginning to covet flowers that haven't been shipped halfway around the globe. Maintaining a cutting garden is a centuries-old pastime, but most of us aren't exactly flower farmers and can't spare the space to grow an abundance of blooms for arranging. So what does an average backyard gardener do? It's simple: You've got to think beyond just the flower.

Beautiful Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful wedding are a must-have. Browse our collection of pretty centerpiece arrangements. Be a DIY bride and make them yourself, or print your favorite ideas to take to your florist for inspiration.

12 Easy-to-Make Wedding Centerpieces

Liven up wedding reception tables with easy centerpiece ideas. These crafted or floral table toppers are gorgeous and easy to make. Best of all, each centerpiece idea is customizable to fit your wedding colors and budget.

Nature-Inspired Centerpiece

Need a centerpiece perfect for an outdoor wedding reception? Use our free patterns and step-by-step instructions to make a nature-inspired centerpiece.

Sweet Wedding Cake Centerpiece

Make a wedding cake that will last forever. Use our step-by-step instructions to craft a delicious-looking centerpiece.

Glamorous Beaded Wedding Centerpiece

Add glitz to wedding reception dining tables with beaded centerpieces. Follow our easy step-by-step instructions to make the tabletop accents.

More Wedding Centerpieces

Simple Paper-Sphere Centerpiece

Add dimension to dining tables with sphere centerpieces made from cut and folded paper. Use our free paper patterns and step-by-step instructions to make them for your wedding reception.

Wedding Chapel Centerpiece

Give dining tables a traditional wedding look. Use our free patterns and step-by-step instructions to make wedding chapel centerpieces.