Inspirational Wedding Cake Ideas

White four tier cake with real red roses
We pulled together some snapshots of our favorite wedding cakes from the Delicately Delicious bakery to inspire you.

Pink, White, Black, and A Unique Stand

There's nothing more eye-catching than a damask patterned cake stand. The unique stand adds drama. The stand is really an inexpensive hatbox purchased at a craft store by the bride. The simple, clean lines of the cake contrast beautifully with the busy pattern. The sugar roses add an extra degree of elegance.

Untraditional Layers

These three mini cakes -- just 4-, 6-, and 8-inches in diameter -- were displayed at a wedding in place of a traditional layered cake. Pretty scalloped details at the cake bottoms are reminiscent of elegant lace edges. The bride purchased the stands for less than 10 dollars each at a home store. The total serving of these three cakes was for 50 people, so sheet cakes were on site to keep the other guests full.

Replicate Your Bouquet

The bride's bouquet of purple orchids was replicated with sugar flowers on a dainty cake at the reception. Elegance and whimsy mix together perfectly by using sugar flowers and wandering stems.

Tiny Pink Flowered Cake

Tiny pink sugar flowers dot three tiers of this wedding cake. The tiers were displayed on cake stands of varying heights to add interest.

Stunning and Simple Cake

The use of the large silver stand and scattered rose petals bring the elegance of this traditional cake to a whole new level.

Dripping Ganache Icing

This cake is all about taste and display. It features a mocha butter cream with chocolate ganache icing. Its presentation is glamorous with a silver stand and flower additions. The flowers were the same as the wedding party carried in their bouquets. This cake is very versatile, as the bakery has made it with white icing and displayed with roses or tropical flowers.

Colored Fabric Emphasis

The use of colored fabric under the cake serves two great purposes. First, it pulls in a rich color hinted at in the red of the flowers. Then, it defines the cake when viewed on a large table. Deeper colors do not always look appealing on cakes, so a bride's dark colors can be pulled in by the use of fabric in this way.

Individual Mini-Cake

Individual mini-cakes on each guest table is a big trend. The cakes double as a centerpiece and dessert. A simple glass cylinder was used as a pedestal to draw attention to the pretty and delicious centerpiece.

Fresh Hydrangea Cake

Fresh flowers can complete a cake and take its presentation to another level. A silver stand and pillars were used to create space for the hydrangeas. These elements also add height and drama without the cost of extra cake.

Pillars Used to Incorporate Flowers

The pillars used here are a similar take on the previous cake. Used alone, pillars look a bit out of date, but they are very useful for incorporating a layer of flowers. This cake was for the bride and groom to cut, as the other tables had their own individual cakes.

Bride's Colors Incorporated

The brick red and gold in this cake were used to incorporate the bride's colors in an elegant and interesting way. The alternating pattern adds visual appeal.

Light Green Cake

Don't shy away from using colored butter cream on a wedding cake. When done well, the effect can be beautiful. The offsetting of the square tiers, as well as the use of a circular tier, add lots of visual interest to an already-stunning cake.

Simple and Fun Daisy Cake

Cascading sugar daisies and hot pink ribbon are all this cake needs to be simply beautiful and fun.

Polka Dots and Sugar Roses Cake

Here is a wonderful example of a traditionally shaped cake that is both elegant and whimsical. The wedding's colors were incorporated by way of polka dots and hot pink sugar roses.

Cake Topper For a Cupcake Stand

Use a cake topper for a cupcake stand, which is what this little beauty was used for. The flower details were directly inspired by the wedding invitations.

Rose Cascade Cake

Simple can be stunning. The pearl-like detail along the tiers and cascading line of flowers is all that is needed for this cake.

Cake with Personal Touches

Get a modern look. This is cake was at a small second wedding held as a backyard barbeque. The names of the bride, groom, and their children encircle the cake as a personal touch.

Dark Colored Details

Dark colors in moderation can have a gorgeous effect, especially for a fall wedding. These three tiers are displayed in an eye-catching "deconstructed" method. Unlike the traditional cake-cutting knife, these purchased cake stands will be used frequently post-wedding.

Purple and Green Flowered Cake

Real and sugar flowers can coincide beautifully. Coordinating flowers really maximize the display of your wedding cake. The candles also add a nice, soft touch.

Peony-Lined Cake

This peony-lined cake is all about drama created by height. Pillars separate the tiers and are hidden by the full peonies. Repeated type and color of flowers creates an overall modern look.

Invitation-Inspired Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes look great when directly inspired by wedding invitations and programs. This cake was modeled after the handmade invitations and papers used by the hostess.

Green and Brown Detailed Cake

In an example of using color, a combination of fresh and sugar flowers as well as fondant ribbon were used to embellish this cake.

Bridal Gown Train Pattern

Reflect your wedding gown in the cake. This cake was inspired by the pattern in the bride's train.

Yellow and Pink Updated Traditional Cake

This cake updates a traditional tiered wedding cake look by adding modern dots and scallops. The use of fresh daisies and lighter piping give this cake a fresh, new look.

Elegant with Pink Roses

Pink roses bring elegant appeal to this little cake. The silver ribbon and small dot details add a degree of beautiful simplicity.

Greek-Inspired Wedding Cake

This cake was inspired by the Greek island theme of the musical "Mama Mia." The flower tiles were made from fondant, harkening back to traditional Greek pottery.

Youthful Patterned Cake

A youthful flower pattern is used in a simple, elegant cake. The square cake stand paired with round layers will catch guests' eyes.

Winter Wedding Cake

This four-tier winter wedding cake is another great example of simple elegance. The touch of evergreen at the top is fitting for the time of year.

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