Ring Bearer Accessories

Honor the symbolism of your wedding rings by crafting a special pillow for the ring bearer.

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    White Pillow Project

    Place your beloved wedding rings on this lovely pillow fashioned from an embroidered linen tea towel.

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    Silky Pillows

    Give your rings a place of honor atop a lovely silk pillow abundant with sumptuous ribbons, pretty flowers, and dainty bows.

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    Love in Bloom

    Take inspiration from the floral scheme of your ceremony to enhance a silk pillow.

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    Ribbon Romance

    Here's a traditional look that embellishes a pillow with ribbons and flower clusters.

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    Handkerchief Pillow

    Put vintage cocktail napkins or handkerchiefs to good use as a treasured ring pillow.

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    When Fido Is Ring Bearer

    You can still include a traditional ring bearer's pillow, even when a cherished pet is included in the wedding party. Here we've tied it on with a satin ribbon, though you may wish to keep the real rings in a pocket and outfit the pillow with fakes.


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