8 Ways to Be the Best Bridesmaid

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Be the ultimate bridesmaid with these tips and tricks.

Throw Her a Shower

Throwing the bridal shower definitely falls under the bridesmaids' duties. Make it easy on everyone by having all bridesmaids contribute to the bash, not just the maid of honor. Break down the tasks; one does the invites, one chooses the venue, one the decor, and so on. Just make sure the big day is all about the bride and the celebration of her upcoming wedding.

Be the Ultimate Helper

Offer to help with everything. It never hurts to ask and the bride-to-be will really appreciate the extra hands. If you know a big project is coming up such as making invitations and programs, schedule a bridesmaids' get-together to conquer the task, complete with pizza and some chick flicks.

Help with Gift Organization

Provide a helping hand with tracking gifts, especially at her showers. Make it easy on the bride by keeping a list of each gift and who it was from. Be as clear as possible so it's really easy for her to write her thank-you letters.

Throw Her a One-of-a-Kind Bachelorette Party

Some brides head to Vegas, while others prefer a low-key night on the town. As a bridesmaid it's important for you to give her the kind of party she wants. Especially if the Bachelorette Party is just a few days before the wedding, be sure to be respectful and take care of your friend on her last night of being single.

Calm Her Down Before the Big Day

Team up with the other bridesmaids to pamper the bride before her wedding day. Hit the spa for massages, manicures, and pedicures before the big day. This activity can be done any time throughout the planning process.

Day of Duties: Be the Bustle Master

For most brides, their dress will need to have the train bustled between the ceremony and reception. Make sure you attend her last fitting to learn how to properly bustle the dress. It's very important that you do it correctly so her dress stays bustled for the entire night.

Help Gather Belongings at the End of the Night

Whether it's their engraved champagne flutes or signed photo matte, make sure you try to gather the bride's and groom's special belongings after they head out for their honeymoon. Have the bride make a list beforehand so you don't forget anything!

House-Sit for the Honeymooners

While the bride and groom are on their honeymoon stop by their house to bring in any late wedding gifts that may have been shipped. With the increased number of online wedding registries, gifts will continue to pour in even after the wedding. When the couple arrives home they'll be greeted by a neatly organized pile of presents.

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