8 Easy Tips for Coordinating Your Bridal Party Look

You've picked out the dress, but now it's time to find frocks for your favorite ladies. These eight tips will help you find bridesmaid looks that perfectly complement your wedding day attire.

Channel Intangible Elements

Complementary does not equal matching. Focus on the "feel" of your gown, rather than its specific details, to inform your bridesmaid dress selection. For example, if you are wearing a vintage-inspired dress with soft, romantic lace, find bridesmaid dresses with flowy silhouettes and a similar feel. From delicate ruching to a sweet bow, these bridal party dresses would be a perfect complement to an allover lace gown with an A-line silhouette.

Focus on the Maid of Honor

Whether you opt for a mismatched bridal party look or identical dresses, highlight the MOH by changing one detail. You can put her in a distinctive neckline, a different color, or even a longer hemline.

Accommodate Makeup Preferences

That great bronzer might make you appear glowy and sun-kissed, but it could turn one of your bridesmaids an unflattering shade of orange. Manage a diverse bridal party's makeup by using visual inspiration to describe the look you're aiming for, rather than referring them to specific products. These bridesmaids all have very different skin tones, and—although they are complementary in their natural hues—they all used different cosmetics.

Play with Texture and Pattern

For a modern bride, incorporating texture and pattern is an easy way to make your bridesmaids stand out. Mismatch your bridal party using everything from ruffles to chevrons in the same color. Especially when you have a dynamic wedding dress, you need compelling bridesmaid dresses to complement your look.

Let Your Florals Inform

Let the colors of the other elements in your wedding, like your floral selections, inform the color of your bridesmaid dresses. They don't have to be an exact match, but taking cues from your decor will result in a cohesive look for the celebration. These stunning coral dresses complement the bride's vibrant bouquet without being too matchy-matchy.

Go Beyond the Gown

Yes, fashion selections are crucial in creating a refined, well-coordinated bridal party look, but you can leverage complementary hairstyles and accessories to visually tie together mismatched looks. For this modern bride and bridesmaid, the secret to linking them was in their similar slicked-back hairstyles and bold earrings. You could achieve a similar effect with loose waves and boho necklaces, or traditional updos and pearl studs.

Modify to Flatter

If you want nearly identically dressed bridesmaids, you can still change a few minor details to accommodate your friends' different body types and style preferences. These bridesmaids match in the same color and style of dress with a variation in neckline.

Choose Confidence over Coordination

The best outcome of any dress selection is a confident bridal party walking down the aisle. Find dresses they love in silhouettes and shades that enhance their natural beauty.

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