Keep any and every room in your house neat and clean with these chic solutions from Better Homes and Gardens®, available exclusively at Walmart.

By Lea Palmieri
February 23, 2016

The over-the-door organizer can work magic in any room, making it automatically feel less cluttered. Try hanging it in your bedroom closet to store shoes, belts and accessories, or the bathroom for beauty and body care supplies. It will even come in handy in your office to easily store office or crafts supplies!


While this hamper will certainly come in handy in the laundry room, it can also be used to store clean towels and linens in the bathroom, or children's toys in the playroom.

Canister Set

This eight-piece canister set will look great storing snacks and ingredients in the kitchen, but it can also be super useful to hold beauty supplies in the bathroom or to store crafts supplies in your playroom.

Cube Organizers

Every single room in your house deserves a cube organizer! One of our favorite uses is as a media center to hold books, DVDs, and picture frames in the living room. It also goes great in the dining room to display your best dinnerware, and even in the kitchen as a DIY pantry to hold cereal, pasta, and more.

Storage Ottomans

This storage ottoman combines function and fashion in the best way possible--storing your belongings while looking great in any room. We love keeping extra pillows and blankets in the bedroom, using it for extra seating in the living room, or using its multifunctionality as a coffee table in the den.

Magazine Baskets

The Willow magazine basket looks great in any room in the house! We love it for storing magazines in the living room, organizing bills in your office, or even keeping small plants on a windowsill.

Laundry Sorters

Organize your laundry before you're even ready to wash your clothes! The three-bag vertical laundry sorter comes in very handy in the laundry room, but we also recommend it to store clean clothes in a dorm room, or to separate toys in a playroom.

Coffee Tables

You'll want to show off this Crossmill Coffee Table no matter what room you decide to put it in. It's great for the living room, for the foot of your bed in the bedroom, or even for extra storage in the entryway of your home.

Floating Shelves

Make any room in your home super modern with a floating shelf. It looks great in your living room as an extra space to display frames or a pretty vase, can hold your favorite cook books in the kitchen, or can keep the detergent at your fingertips in the laundry room.

Bar Carts

If you think this fabulous bar cart is just for the kitchen, think again! While it will look great holding cooking accessories or snacks, you can also use it to add flair (and hold your mail or housekeys) in your entryway. We also love it as a way to display photos or perfume bottles in the bedroom!

Room Dividers

The Preston Park bookcase looks so great in any room, it can even create an extra room! If you live in a studio or shared space, it also functions as a room divider. Plus, it makes a great addition to your dining room to display dinnerware or other decor, and it looks great in the bedroom as an extra bookcase or closet organizer.


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