Everyone loves to look outside and see a yard blossoming with vibrant flowers and savory vegetables. But not everyone has the time, patience, or space. Try vertical gardens and build your plants up! Say no to making a mess with these easy-maintenance structures.

By Ali Hanson
April 08, 2016
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Customize this vertical garden to your liking. This unit allows you to plant a large quantity of greens in the three deep planters, so fill them up!

Price: $60.95

Cedar Irrigation System

Beyond busy but still trying to have a green thumb? This system was made for you! The multilevel cedar unit has a built-in irrigation system so you can care for your plants and veggies in a fraction of the time. And if youwant more, add the 10-gallon water reservoir.

Price: $269.95 - $329.95

Garden on Wheels

Create a beautiful blooming fixture in even the smallest areas. Plant whatever you wish in the five removable, adjustable, planters! This means you can detach them completely or raise them to be closer to the sun. Built on wheels, you can constantly keep it in the sun's rays or move it inside during colder weather.

Price: $179.95

4-Pocket Felt Planter

Be green! We're talking about eco-friendly green. These felt planters are made from recycled water bottles. Their construction makes them indestructible, plus the felt wicks water to the plants. The pocket flaps can open up to 10 inches wide and can be filled with 6 inches of soil. Last bonus: super lightweight!

Price: $79

Gronomics Vertical Garden

Put more energy into enjoying the outdoors and less into watering your greens. Built tall and skinny, with seven plant levels, this vertical garden includes a drip line irrigation system. The fixture comes assembled, so all you have to do is decide where its new home will be.

Price: $299.99

Fern Garden

If gardening isn't your forte, this fern garden is for you. The flourishing frame is shipped to you just like this, with Sage Living Wall's own special recipe that gradually nourishes the plants. Hang it on a wall or use it as a centerpiece, and don't worry if you forget to water now and again. Did we mention no soil?

Price: $80

4-Sided Wooden Tower

We think we've found the next big Christmas tree trend! This 4-sided tower packs so much garden into a 2x2-foot space. Standing 4 feet tall, the "mini tree" has an interior watering and fertilizing reservoir system. Looks like we won't be needing new lights this year.

Price: $179

Stackable 5-Tier Planter

Add this quirky piece to your home! It includes five stackable pots so you can change the height whenever you please. Isn't it fun to call the shots?

Price: $39.99

Wall Grow Bags

Another felt find made of recycled materials. Only difference is this is almost twice the length, so optimal for tall, bare walls. The best thing about this fabric is that it has the perfect balance of high water retention with gradual irrigation to keep plants thriving. We suggest taking over a wall and hanging multiple packs.

Price: $12.99

3-Tier Vertical Planter

Assemble this arrangement in no time. The structure is made of color-infused pressure-treated wood. Line the three rows with herbs, vegetables, fruit, or flowers for a clean and simple look in your backyard. 

Price: $142

Modern Metal Hanger

Looks like AquaSav created the coolest addition to our house's exterior. Made only for the outdoors (creating neighbor envy), the metal planting base has a sliding front gate to secure your herbs, succulents, and seasonal flowers in place. Just water through the top holes and you're done. BTW, please tell us where we can get that animalistic accent!

Price: $19.98

City Garden

Perfect for rooftop gardening and a great space-saver for your terrace. This find makes city gardening so simple and easy. Bonus: It's eco-friendly with wood made from sustainable components and has no trace of lead or heavy metals.

Price: $138.76

Framed Black Planter

Similar to the other AquaSav Vertical Wall Planter, this piece is meant for outdoors. The stylish black metal frame won't weather and simply needs to be watered through the top holes. Insert an array of succulents, herbs, or flowers, and you've created a pretty picture.

Price: $29.98


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