Add a touch of calming greenery to the hustle and bustle of your city life by investing in products that will help you become an urban gardening expert.

By Lauren Juhl
March 01, 2017
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This self-watering planter is an innovative and stylish way to accessorize your terrace. With galvanized detailing and aluminum trim, you'll be able to bring the urban feel right to your back door. The planter, available in two sizes, uses a one-of-a-kind watering system to bring water to the roots of the plant as needed—no green thumb necessary!

Price: $89.95 - $119

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Don't let limited space keep you from your full-gardening potential, with this cascading planter you'll be able to let your urban garden grow. This unique planter features three stackable pots that can be used (and purchased!) separately or together. Each of the containers hold up to 13 plants, and with features including a sub-irrigation system and water reservoir you'll be able to let your plants flourish, even in the city.

Price: $79.95 - $299.95

Three's Company

Everyone knows the cardinal rule of three, lucky for us, Anthropologie makes it easier than ever to follow that basic design principle with their plant stand trio. The iron frames pair with natural clay pots to create an urbanized look perfect  for showcasing your favorite plants. Go ahead and adorn your balcony with this planter to create an urban jungle of your very own.

Price: $228

Serious Space-Saver

This affordable railing planter is the perfect addition to any terrace. With no mounting hardware needed, this unique planter securely fits on two sizes of railings. The low-maintenance planter is also self-watering, making it easier than ever to create the garden of your dreams, even when you're low on time and space.

Price: $9.95

Pinterest-Worthy Plants

Add this so-pretty folding tray to create your own inner-city, outdoor oasis. The hand-crafted, iron tray table is perfect for displaying your collection of plants while keeping in tune with urban style. Watch for rain, this metal table will rust over time if not taken care of properly.

Price: $148

Let's Hang

No space, no problem! Let your plants flourish in these so-trendy, organic plant hangers. Made of cotton rope and ceramic beads, these handmade hangers will allow you to work on your green thumb without taking up too much space.

Tip: Add one of these planters to complete the look and create your very own eye-catching, hanging garden.

Price: $108

Functionality Meets Style

Metal pairs with wood to create a sleek and stylish trellis planter ideal for any balcony or city terrace. Great for climbing vegetables and flowers, the built-in, aluminum trellis will add style and showcase your gardening skills. With an additional shelf to provide storage for gardening supplies, this planter box is worth the investment.

Price: $299

Optimal Organization

Keep your seed packets organized and stored away from year to year in this so-cute seed binder. The beautifully illustrated binder consists of 24 pages, and features 10 small seed envelopes and 10 large seed envelopes to help you organize seeds of all sizes. As an added bonus, this unique book gives you space to record significant details about each seed including: date purchased, date planted, and yearly weather conditions.

Price: $18.95

Watering Wonder

Available in two sizes, this stainless-steel watering can is the gardening tool you've been missing. The adorable watering can features a handle and small spout allowing you to have more control over the flow of water when taking care of those precious plants. Pair those great features with that minimalist design and you've got a watering can we can't stop crushing on.

Price: $28 - $38

Urban Jungle

If you're needing inspo for your urban garden look no further. This hardcover book will give you DIY ideas galore for styling and tips on how to plant. Made for everyone from the knowledgeable plant-lover to the person who is just starting to flex their gardening muscles, this book is a source of inspiration for all.

Bonus: Use Urban Jungle as a trendy coffee table book when you're not busy drawing inspiration from its pages.

Price: $22.48


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