Unique Christmas Cookies to Make Your Season Bright

Bake up one of these creative cookie recipes for the holidays this year.

Almond Sugar Cookies and Mascarpone-Cocoa Cutouts
Photo: Carson Downing

It's the most wonderful time of the year for baking! Of course, there are always classic Christmas cookies that are a must-make—I always have sugar cookies and peanut butter blossoms on hand—but sometimes it's fun to change up the dessert menu. Whether you're entertaining guests or planning to do a cookie swap, these unique Christmas cookies are sure to have everyone requesting the recipe.

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Christmas Twist Cookies

christmas twist cookies

Brie Goldman

One batch of dough split into three portions is all you need to create these beautiful slice-and-bake Christmas cookies. Red and green are used here for a festive look, but you could keep this recipe handy and swap the colors for any holiday or occasion.

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No-Bake Cake Batter Puppy Chow Bars

overhead view of Cake Batter Puppy Chow Bars dusted in powdered sugar
Jason Donnelly

You've heard of puppy chow and cake batter-flavored treats, but have you had them together? The no-bake bars make a unique Christmas cookie that's easy to make and delicious. Sprinkles and vanilla-flavor candy coating create the most amazing cake batter flavor in these crunchy bars.

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Dulce de Leche Alfajores

Dulce de Leche Alfajores
Blaine Moats

Popular all over Latin America, these crumbly buttery cookies are sandwiched with a thick layer of dulce de leche and melted semisweet chocolate. Serve them with strong coffee to help cut their creamy richness.

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Chocolaty Melting Snowmen

Chocolaty Melting Snowmen cookies with reese's
Jason Donnelly

When it comes to adorable desserts, these snowmen cookies are hard to beat. Marshmallows, vanilla candy coating, and a halved peanut butter cup are the genius ingredients used to make this unique Christmas cookie the star of the dessert table.

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Almond Sugar Cookies and Mascarpone-Cocoa Cutouts

Almond Sugar Cookies and Mascarpone-Cocoa Cutouts
Carson Downing

Sugar cookies decorated with royal icing are classic holiday sweets. If you want to add more flavor to the mix, we highly recommend making this unique Christmas cookie recipe. The instructions start with an almond sugar cookie base, but there's also a variation for delicious mascarpone-cocoa cutouts.

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Masala Chai Cookies

Masala Chai Cookies
Carson Downing

Enjoy your chai and eat it, too. This unique Christmas cookie is perfect for the holidays thanks to its short ingredient list (there's only six!) and warm-spiced flavor. Loose-leaf masala chai is used in the cookie dough to infuse the cookies.

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Cardamom Gingerbread Trees

Cardamom Gingerbread Trees
Carson Downing

Cardamom has an intense flavor that's slightly sweet and spicy. It adds that little something extra to traditional gingerbread flavor in these unique Christmas cookies. You can cut the cookies to make an adorable edible forest or opt for making your favorite holiday shapes with the dough.

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Matcha-Dragon Fruit Slice-and-Bake Trees

Matcha-Dragon Fruit Slice-and-Bake Trees cookies
Carson Downing

Bold colors and flavors make the season bright with these unique Christmas cookies. Our Test Kitchen found dragonfruit (pitaya) powder to yield a vibrant pink hue, but you can opt for crushed freeze-dried raspberries if you can't find it.

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Linzer Bars

linzer bars

Carson Downing

Featured in BHG's Christmas Cookies 2022, these unique Christmas cookies are inspired by the Austrian linzer tart. Sweet almond and tart raspberry jam flavor the bar cookies. Enjoy with a hot cup of tea to end the day on a warm, sweet note.

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Mississippi Mud Cookies

Mississippi Mud chocolate cookies topped with marshmallows and chocolate drizzle
Brie Passano

Fans of the chocolatey, gooey Mississippi mud pie will adore this unique Christmas cookie recipe. Both bittersweet and unsweetened chocolate make up the rich cocoa flavor here. The marshmallow crème frosting and pecans provide the sweet-and-salty finish

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Spiced Polvorones

Spiced Polvorones with diamond-shaped powdered sugar design
Jacob Fox

Also known as Mexican wedding cookies, this spiced version is the perfect unique Christmas cookie to add to your holiday spread. The dough base contains almond and all-purpose flour to yield a crumbly, buttery cookie. Cardamom, cinnamon, and vanilla bring a sweet spice.

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Buckeye Cookies

Chocolate Buckeye Cookies with peanut butter dollops
Brie Passano

If the candy buckeyes are a staple dessert for your family each year, we highly recommend giving these unique Christmas cookies a try. A soft chocolate cookie is covered in melted chocolate before getting a dollop of a sweet peanut butter mixture.

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Spearmint Whoopie Pies with White Chocolate-Mascarpone

Spearmint Whoopie Pies with White Chocolate Mascarpone Filling
Andy Lyons

Minty treats are essential for wintry dessert spreads. This unique Christmas cookie sandwiches two spearmint-flavor cookies with an irresistible white chocolate-mascarpone filling. Green food coloring and a crushed candy coating make these treats even more festive.

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