8 Clever Storage Ideas for Under the Bathroom Sink

These space-saving ideas will keep your bathroom storage in shape.

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Organizing the cabinet under a sink, whether in the bathroom or the kitchen, can be a bit challenging due to lack of space and the volume of things that need to be stored there. Bathroom sinks can be particularly tricky because they don't always have the standard cabinet storage underneath. If your bathroom is in need of a re-org, don't fret. Whether you have a large vanity with plenty of drawers or a pedestal sink with no storage at all, there is a solution for your space.

Depending on the type of sink you have, you should determine what you can realistically store under it before tackling any organization project. If space is limited, keep only the necessities and use the linen closet or added shelving elsewhere for everything else. If there’s more room under the sink, things such as hair tools and back up toiletries can stay. If you are storing extra supplies, be smart about utilizing the space so you can quickly grab and return what you need on busy days.

To help you create the most functional space, we're sharing our best under-sink bathroom storage ideas.

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Sort Using Coordinated Containers

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If you have open shelving the bathroom sink, use pretty storage containers to keep things organized without looking cluttered. Organize each bin by category, sorting bath products from hair products and so on. If there’s space between the containers, add a stack of washcloths or your favorite body lotion you use daily so you’re truly taking advantage of the space.

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Include Drawer Organizers

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Have a vanity with lots of drawer storage? This is ideal for those smaller items that you use regularly. But to keep them tidy, drawer organizers are a must-have. Using different size bamboo or acrylic inserts, arrange like items together, putting the most often reached for things front and center. Add a bit of putty to the bottom corners of each organizer to keep them from sliding around inside the vanity drawers.

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Add Pull-Out Drawers

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As an alternative to stackable bins, tiered pull-out drawers also make the most of the height under the sink. They also maximize the depth and prevent items from getting lost in the back of the cabinet. Use larger drawers for bulky things such as rolls of toilet paper or bags of bath salts. The top drawers work well for tall bottles such as cleaning products or shampoo refills.

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Use Open-Front Stacking Bins

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Traditional bathroom sink vanities have a singular cabinet space and, with the exception of plumbing, gives you a blank canvas to work with. Maximizing the height of this space is the easiest way to optimize storage potential. Open-front bins that stack are an excellent option because you can stack them as high as the cabinet allows while being able to separate products into categories and see exactly what’s inside. Adding labels won’t hurt either, especially if the bathroom is shared or used by guests.

While there are more eco-friendly organizing product options such as bins made of bamboo and seagrass, plastic or acrylic may be the better choice for under the bathroom sink. Potential plumbing leaks could destroy nicer wood materials, and plastic will be much easier to clean if liquid products spill.

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Keep it Simple

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A small vanity means you'll need to be picky about what you store in it. If the inside cabinet or drawers don’t allow room for anything bulky, consider placing an attractive basket underneath it for backup towels or toilet paper storage. Roll the towels so they fit nicely inside and give off a spa-like atmosphere. This method is also helpful for guests as they don’t have to hunt to find them.

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Bring in Bathroom Shelving

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Pedestal sinks generally lack storage altogether. There are circular shelving units that wrap around the base or curtains that can conceal clutter, but these can distract from the simplistic design of the sink. Instead, add a decorative shelf next to the sink. Since it’s out in the open, stick to a minimalist look by only storing the necessities. Corral beauty products on a tray, neatly fold a few towels, and store cotton balls in a pretty apothecary jar.

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Utilize the Back of the Cabinet Door

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When space is at a premium in a small bathroom vanity, it’s important to use every inch. The inside of the cabinet doors can provide unexpected storage. An over-the-door basket can fit a hair dryer, a few brushes, or a handful of washcloths. If you don’t like the look of the hooks when you close the cabinet door or don’t need an actual organizer, strategically place a few adhesive hooks on the inside instead. Either way, ensure that there’s clearance for your things to hang when the door is shut.

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Pack up Backstock Toiletries

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If most of your daily products are organized in the medicine cabinet or elsewhere in the bathroom, under the sink could be the perfect place to store overstock supplies. That way, when you stock up on bars of soap in bulk or have a new shipment of contact lenses arrive, you’ll have a designated spot for them. Sort toiletries by category and organize them into lidded bins that can stack. Since you’re not reaching for them every day, it won't waste too much time to fish out a bottom bin once in a while. Be sure to add labels even if the bins are clear so there’s no confusion as to what’s in each one.

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