You know how much fun you have decorating your bedroom and your living room and even the foyer inside your home? Well you can have just as much fun with the outside! With the help of these Better Homes & Gardens products, available at, you can add a splash of style to any outdoor space.

March 08, 2017

How cute are these Square Metal Outdoor Lanterns? We love sprinkling these around the yard for extra flair. Made of steel with a powder-coated bronze finish, these designs go with most other lawn furniture and can be hung up or simply placed on a tabletop. You can add a candle or tea light, a small plant, or even beach shells for a fun look. 

Price: $22.28 - $35.26

Country Lights

For more of a country look, we love the Galvanized Lantern with Rope, a wonderful accent for your landscaping. Great for a garden or patio area, the door makes it easy to place candles inside and the vented top reduces heat from the flames.

Price: $7.13 - $15.79

Classic Flair

We love the Rain Glass Solar Metal Lantern because it lights up with white LED light automatically at night and stays on for 8 hours. The rain glass gives this lantern a classic look. 

Price: $14.97

Flower Power

Can't decide which pretty plant you want to display? You don't have to! The 3-Tier Plant Stand holds 3 pots up to 8.5" in diameter and up to 20 lbs., and is a beautiful addition to any porch or patio area. 

Price: $20.46

Bold and Blooming

For those who have a gorgeous plant that is simply too great for hanging out on the ground, the Iron Scroll Stand is for you. It holds pots up to 15" in diameter and adds an extra dose of elegance to your space.  

Price: $8.07

Functional Flowers

The design on this Cast Iron Caddy already makes it a must-have for any yard. But its true purpose is to help move heavy plants around your outdoor space. It can hold post up to 16 inches and 120lbs and is easy to wipe clean if you spill a little soil in the process. 

Price: $15.88

Cascading Style

We could watch the water pour from the Pot-To-Pot Fountain all day, and once you add one to your yard, you will too! The distressed look makes it great a great addition to any garden. Plus, it's easy to assemble, easy to move, and easy to love. 

Price: $106.96

Get Pumped

The perfect location for the Water Pump Fountain is somewhere that you can sit nearby and let the soothing sounds of water in motion wash over you. The water cascades from the antique-looking pump into barrels below, and adds a charming calm to your garden or patio. 

Price: $55.34

Tabletop Treasure

This pot-to-pot fountain with LED light fits perfectly on any tabletop, indoors or outdoors. The water flows serenely from each pot, and makes a great gift for anyone. Add this one to any space you like to go to clear your mind and let it work wonders. 

Price: $21.63

For the Pretty Birds

Add the Solar Birdbath to your favorite spot in the yard and let the bird watching begin! This hand painted pretty peacock feather pattern is a lovely design for your outdoor space with no birds in it, but once your feathered friends arrive, that's when you'll really love having this around. Plus, the solar light gives it a whole new look for nighttime.

Price: $25.72


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