5 Timeless Trends Inspired by Pottery Barn’s Fall 2022 Collection

Welcome the season into your home with these beautiful autumn trends, inspired by Pottery Barn’s Fall Lookbook.

Pottery Barn quilt comforter dried leaves canopy bed

Pottery Barn

A change in season is the perfect excuse to spice up—or completely redecorate and personalize—your space. When it comes to home decor, Pottery Barn is one of our favorite spots to pull inspiration from. If you’ve walked through the store or scrolled through the website, you know the feeling of trying to picture every pillow, sofa, and piece of decor in your own home. Nothing has changed with the release of the Fall Lookbook.

We went through Pottery Barn’s Fall Lookbook and picked out the trends we expect to see throughout the season and beyond. From color scheme and organization inspiration to smart applications of texture, find some new favorite fall trends for 2022 here.

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Cozy Knits

stack of knit blankets

Pottery Barn

With fall comes sweater weather, and that’s not limited to just clothing. Pottery Barn’s fall collection includes several beautiful examples of knitted throws you’ll want to cozy up under as the weather cools down. Whether it’s a chunky cable knit or something more lightweight, these timeless trends are just as perfect for decoration as they are for functionality.

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Woven Textures

Pottery barn woven baskets

Pottery Barn

These woven products add a remarkably textured touch to any room in the house. Garnish your sofa with woven suede pillows that are soft to the touch yet add sharp detail to the space. Eliminate clutter from the living area or store blankets by the bedside in an assortment of different-sized and shaped baskets to give a varied, eye-catching look. If you are looking to create a beautiful centerpiece, these handwoven rattan pumpkins are sure to be a topic of conversation.

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Blue Tones

pottery barn

Pottery Barn

Adding blue decor to a space can help create a soothing environment. Pottery Barn’s Fall Lookbook demonstrates how blue can be used as a neutral—especially when the hue has gray undertones, like steel blue or navy. Tie in elements of this color with vases, pillows, or comforters to create a fresh take on the traditional autumn style.

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Dried and Faux Plants

pottery barn faux bleached oak branch

Pottery Barn

Bring nature’s bounty indoors with plants that require no effort. Dried brush like wild grass, eucalyptus, or oak branches brings the season’s beautiful colors into your home. Pair any of these grasses with a neutral-tone vase for a coffee table display or set it on the ground—some of the branches stand as tall as 5 feet. You can also soften up your dining room table centerpiece with a golden bundle of dried wheat—no vase required. Follow our guide to arranging these dried bouquets to display them as beautifully as possible.

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Rustic Charm

Pottery barn rustic speckled terra cotta dinner wear

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn’s fall collection boasts decor with the nostalgic feeling of visiting grandma’s house in the country. Give your space a modern rustic twist with a quilted comforter and pillows. Take the warm, familiar feeling to the dining area with speckled terracotta dinnerware set atop bright geometric placemats. This rustic modern trend has been around for years, and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere anytime soon.

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