Trader Joe’s Recalled Instant Cold Brew Due to Potential Glass

Check your cupboards for this recalled instant cold brew coffee—it may contain glass.

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If you're an instant coffee fan and loyal Trader Joe's shopper, you need to check your cupboards. On May 24, the grocer announced a recall of their Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew Coffee (SKU #67436). The company reports that containers marked with expiration dates of June 13, 2024, November 26, 2024, and December 30, 2024, may contain glass.

Thus far, this is a voluntary recall, and there has not been a requested or mandated recall from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. The recall does not apply to the company’s other cold brew or instant coffee products.

No injuries have been reported in connection to the consumption of this product as of Thursday, May 25, and all the potentially affected products have been removed from store shelves.

Be sure to check the label if you recently purchased or received Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew Coffee—especially if you regularly keep it in your pantry. If your package lists one of the affected expiration dates, Trader Joe's urges you not to use the product. You can return the recalled container to any Trader Joe’s store for a full refund or throw it away.

Trader Joe's Instant Cold Brew Coffee

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What to Try Instead of Trader Joe's Instant Cold Brew Coffee

If you're looking for an alternative, Trader Joe’s shoppers had some suggestions to share on Reddit in response to the recall.

“I literally went to look for this two days ago and was bummed they didn’t have it. I got the liquid coconut version," one customer noted. "It’s one part coffee to two parts water. I actually like it better. Just doesn’t go as far as the instant [does].”

That Reddit user is referring to the Coconut Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate, a summery substitution that features an Arabica bean base with natural coconut flavors. TJ’s also carries a non-flavored cold brew concentrate and a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. If you prefer to make your own, the retailer also has limited-release Cold Brew Coffee Bags (similar to tea bags) that you can toss into a pitcher to steep overnight.  

Customers with questions or concerns about the recall can contact Trader Joe’s Customer Relations at 626-599-3817 Monday through Friday from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm or send an email.

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