Trader Joe’s Just Announced Its Next Tinned Scented Candle, as Chosen by Fans

The Trader Joe’s Scent-sational Candle Contest has named its winning scent, which will be available in a full-size option on store shelves this summer.

The votes are in, and the new scent for Trader Joe’s popular tinned candle line is officially Eucalyptus. The popular California-based grocery chain launched a Scent-sational Candle Contest in February to choose the store’s next new scented candle, and according to the company’s Instagram post, the winner is Eucalyptus. For the contest, Trader Joe’s fans were able to vote for their top pick from a selection of fragrances that were featured in the Trader Joe’s 12 Days of Scented Candles last year (Warm Vanilla, Gardenia, Rhubarb, and White Tea were the other choices, in addition to Eucalyptus).

Trader Joe's new Eucalyptus candle and store front with green photo treatment

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The chain is well known for offering spot-on seasonal versions of their paraben-free, soy wax candles. In fact, the rotating lineup of its candles took the “Favorite Household Product” title for the fourth year in a row in the recent 14th Annual Customer Choice Awards. The candles at Trader Joe’s are beloved for their portability, lead-free cotton wicks (which burn for up to 20 hours), and fresh scents like peony blossom, cedar balsam, and Honeycrisp apple.

The fresh, invigorating, spa-like scent of the upcoming Eucalyptus candle is no exception: Said user @lildemzie on Instagram, “Eucalyptus!!! IMO there’s nothing more calming than eucalyptus and putting that scent into a candle is maximum zen.” The Trader Joe’s Eucalyptus candle will newly be available in the store’s full-size offering—5.7 ounces—for a limited time “sometime” this summer, per the brand’s Instagram post. If you voted for Eucalyptus as the next scented candle offering from Trader Joe’s—or even if you’re just a fan of the smell of eucalyptus—keep an eye out as temperatures climb, because the supply of a candle like this is sure not to last too long.

If eucalyptus is not your jam, Trader Joe’s is also newly offering a double-wicked, tomato leaf-scented candle that will come in a large brown glass jar, the store announced via its podcast. The new Tomato Leaf Scented Candle, available in a different format than the classic tinned candles Trader Joe’s typically offers, is a very green, garden-inspired scent that is reminiscent of the aroma you get when brushing against tomato plants.

More New Trader Joe’s Products

Trader Joe’s has been busy. As announced in the company’s most recent podcast episode, a number of new products are headed for store shelves this spring, in addition to the new Tomato Leaf candle. (Remember, the fan-selected Eucalyptus Scented Candle won’t be available until summer.) A much-anticipated lemon version of the store’s popular pint-sized sheet cakes (which also come in vanilla and chocolate) is coming: The Lemon Mini Sheet Cake is made with lemony cream cheese frosting sprinkled with bits of candied lemon zest. It’s perfect for a spring brunch or tea party (or for eating straight from the container on your couch).

This spring, you’ll also find their limited-edition Blueberry & Lemon Hand Pies in the dessert section. Each box includes two butter crust hand pies filled with blueberries that are accented with the bright, tart acidity of lemon juice. They are perfect for eating straight from the box, warming in the oven, or popping into the air fryer for a sweet, decadent treat (air fryer instructions included).

Cheese lovers can look forward to adding Sweet Vanilla Cardona Cheese to their spring cheese boards and grilled cheese sandwiches. Derived from Wisconsin goat milk, the rind of Trader Joe's spotlight cheese for April is rubbed with vanilla sugar, giving it a subtly warm, sweet accent that eliminates the bitterness and barnyard-like flavor that goat cheese often carries. It’s a mild hard cheese flavor that would pair equally well with sweet ice wines and deep Pinot noirs.

Spring will also see the return of customer favorites like Organic Cold Brew Black Tea Concentrate, Jalapeño Limeade, Spicy Mango Lemonade, Coffee Bean Hold the Cone! Mini Ice Cream Cones, and Chocolate Mousse Eggs (just in time for Easter).  But all these items are only available for a limited time, so be sure to snatch them up while you still can.

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