What you loved most in 2022

The Top 10 Stories Our Readers Loved in 2022

BHG readers craved an organized home, gorgeous lawns and gardens, and above all, Harry Styles.

As 2022 comes to a close and we look forward to seeing what hot food trends and interior design trends will emerge in 2023, it’s fun to reminisce about what we most loved this year.

Better Homes & Gardens readers are doers. This year was BHG’s centennial anniversary, so we have 100 years of magazines and reader letters and emails to prove it. Tackling DIY ideas, hosting, home organization, and lawn care are just some examples of the projects you’ve conquered. The top pieces BHG readers clicked on most (so far) this year backs this up. Getting things in the home clean and tidy was top of mind along with keeping your nutritional health and garden thriving. Oh, you also love Harry Styles! Here’s what readers loved the most.

Make It Sparkle

Would you like something clean or dirty? Clean, obviously! But in 2022 a couple specific items in your home required more detailed directions to get truly clean. Coming in at number 10 was our piece on how to clean silver jewelry, complete with an explainer on the difference between sterling silver and pure silver. Baking soda, toothpaste, dish soap, each household item can play a role depending on what your cleaning.

gabion plant stand stones rocks outdoor garden

Marty Baldwin

Your Favorite Garden DIY Project

Our top DIY project of the year was one for your yard. A gabion (gay-bee-uhn) plant stand is made from basic items you can find at any local hardware store or garden center and it makes a rustic, nature-inspired pedestal for your potted plant. Once you have the materials (and your potted plant), it only takes about an hour to create this pretty project.

Where to Put It

Flour tortillas go in the pantry, right? Well, they can, but to stay fresher longer the refrigerator is a better bet. The number eight most-popular article this year shared five common foods that are best stored in the fridge that just might surprise you. For even more food storage know-how check out this other piece on produce to refrigerate (and some you shouldn’t).

cleaning products white shoes
Jacob Fox

Shoe Shine

Our number seven spot went to cleaning white shoes (a constant struggle because you walk on the ground…outside…with them!). Our article answered your top questions on cleaning white shoes made of all kinds of materials–canvas, leather, mesh, even the shoelaces.

Weeds Be Gone

You should absolutely take pride in a pretty home garden and well-maintained lawn. A lot of effort goes into them! So when weeds start popping up you understandably want to fight back. Our number six article of the year helped readers identify weeds and shared how to control them to keep your yard looking great.

Matthew Benson

Perennial Favorites

Perennial plants and flowers (remember, those are the ones that come back every year) were hot, especially in the spring and early summer months on BHG.com. This piece called out some of the less common perennials to add to your garden and where to find them since they’re not as widely available as say hostas or daylilies.

Cut the Clutter

Everyone feels better after ridding their homes of unnecessary items or clutter. You even feel lighter, right? Two of our top 10 pieces focused on this topic. Coming in at number four was this piece was about bathroom items to get rid of.

Fighting Inflammation

Our third most-loved article of the year focused on foods that cause inflammation. As we all learn more about the difference between acute and chronic inflammation and the role chronic inflammation in particular plays in our health, there is growing interest in anti-inflammatory foods and diets. Readers came to this piece by the hundreds of thousands to see what to avoid.

Time to Toss It

How long has that sponge been in your kitchen sink? Or how many years have those pillows been on your bed? We love things that last a long time, but at some point it can become unhealthy. Our number two article this year was all about household items that should be tossed or replaced to reduce clutter or refresh a space.

Harry Styles for Better Homes & Gardens June 2022 Issue
Tim Walker

Wild About Harry

Mid-way through our anniversary year, we surprised BHG readers (and a whole lot of other people including Drew Barrymore) when our June 2022 issue was released with music megastar Harry Styles on the cover. For those who didn’t have the pages of the magazine at their fingertips, or for those who needed to read all they could immediately, this article told it all. It’s been our most-read piece all year.

With a bit of time left in the calendar year, can anything unseat the popularity of Harry Styles? Things like the Tiktok butter board trend and the various paint colors of the year have tried, but none have accomplished it yet. Only time will tell.

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