They didn't cry or pout this year, so they bypassed getting coal this Christmas! Add some holiday cheer to their stockings and under the tree with these must-have gifts that every nice kid needs.

By Tamara Kraus
September 15, 2016
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For the kid who can't wait to be the next pro chef, this one-stop-shop suitcase kit will help them fulfill their dreams this holiday season. With 134 easy-to-build pieces, your creative thinker will be able to use their imagination to whip up something tasty.

Price: $19.99

Creative Cartoonist

If your little one wants to be the next Oscar-winning director, they will fall in love with this cute clay-animation kit. You'll just have to let them borrow your smartphone, and they'll be able to design their own DIY animation while learning about movie making.

Price: $20

Groovy Girl

Her lip gloss is probably already poppin', but this lava kit takes her favorite beauty item to a whole new level. It's the best of both worlds: She gets a few new super unique shades, and you're giving her the tools to start her own beauty line one day.

Price: $48

Speed Master

When your kids have the need for speed, this super cool scooter will make them feel invincible. With 360-degree spin capability, they'll get a thrill, but the sturdy design and maximum speed of 3.7 mph will give you peace of mind.

Price: $179.98

Smart Kid

They just learned how to tell time, so it's time to reward them! This uber cool smartwatch will let them feel just as tech-savvy as you in your smartwatch, with games, activities, and photo capability.

Price: $42

Frozen Fanatic

We have to admit that singing Frozen songs really does bring us joy, so take it a step further and give your kids -- and yourself -- a real excuse to jam out to "Let It Go." This adorable karaoke machine is the perfect activity to keep the kids entertained for hours.

Price: $79.96

Little Einstein

It's probably time to gift your mini techie their own version of an iPad so you can have yours back. The LeapFrog Epic is the perfect starter tablet for kids: It includes 20 apps to get them rolling and even lets them create their own game as they go along, giving them limitless options to use their imagination.

Price: $128

Cookie Cadette

Even if your child isn't a Girl Scout, who doesn't buy a mountain of Thin Mints when cookie season rolls around every year? We know they'll be able to whip up the next best-selling cookie this Christmas -- Girl Scouts Honor.

Price: $44.05

Gaming Genius

Whether this is their first gaming system or one of many, the 3DS is unlike any other device. Not only does the immersive experience take them into the game, but they can also take 3D photos.

Price: $142.95

Space Jam

They can't stop waving an imaginary light saber around the house, so it's time to give them something tangible to channel their inner Jedi. With Han Solo, Princess Leia, and Chewbacca by their side, this set takes them on an out-of-this-world adventure.

Price: $104.99


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