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Developed by the experts at Better Homes and Gardens, is the premiere home and family site on the Web, and the interactive companion to Better Homes and Gardens magazine. is for people interested in turning home, cooking, and gardening inspiration into action. is focused on decorating, building and remodeling, crafts, entertaining, cooking, and gardening. It also has extensive information for women and families. In addition to providing useful tools and advice,'s trusted experts keep visitors up to the minute with information on the latest developments and trends around home and garden. was designed with real people in mind. It has easy-to-use interactive tools, clear visuals, step-by-step instructions, and money-saving suggestions. It makes life easier and more enjoyable.

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The Editors

Lory Stewart General Manager

Kaelin Zawilinski Editorial Manager

Alicia Chilton Digital Home Design Editor

Alexa Fornoff Shop Editor

Katie Parker Digital Food and Holidays Editor

Kelly Reilly Digital Cross-Site Editor

Sarah Martens Digital Food Editor

Sheena Chihak Digital Food Editor

Kenzie Kramer Social Media Editor

Allison Maze Digital Home Design Editor

Caitlin Sole Digital Home Design Editor


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