3 TikTok Decor Trends that Are Actually Perfect for Fall

See the platform’s takes on decorating with wabi-sabi, modern organic, and Japandi elements.

Bedroom featuring wabi-sabi design

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When you think of fall decor, your mind probably goes more to neutrals, warm tones, and minimalist design than the colorful pastels and busy patterns associated with spring. If you love to decorate with the seasons but aren’t sure how to combine all the colors and textures we associate with fall, going for a certain style (even with small touches) can provide you with a sort of guide to achieve a cohesive look.

Thankfully, TikTok is always here for a little inspiration: wabi-sabi, modern organic, and Japandi have been trending interior design styles for years now, and you can find videos on how to incorporate them into your home all over the app. (Here’s one that features them all.)

While there are key distinctions between wabi-sabi, modern organic, and Japandi decorating styles, all three share quite a few commonalities: relaxed, more rustic elements and a focus on natural materials like wood, stone, and linen. Keep reading to learn more about each style and gather some design tricks from TikTok if you’re looking to try any (or all) out this fall.


Wabi-sabi can be summed up in one phrase: Embrace imperfection. The decor style comes from a Japanese philosophy that finds beauty and serenity in flaws, modesty, and age. It also emphasizes simplicity—everything in your home should have a function and be intended to last. Between summer and the holiday season, decorating this way can be a nice cleansing period and change of pace. It also brings a sense of warmth (necessary when temperatures begin to drop). 

This TikTok recommends choosing pieces that “look like they’ve lived many lives,” such as aged vases, earthy pots, reclaimed wood furniture, and objects with patina (a weathered finish). Visit your local (or an online) antique store and look for items that speak to you. Don’t forget your walls: If you want a bigger change, try this lime wash painting trick to add visual interest and originality. 

For more wabi-sabi inspiration, check out this video for a description of the style, this one for living room ideas, and this one for decor examples. 

Modern Organic

Modern organic is the design embodiment of coziness—ideal for autumnal aesthetics. It involves clean lines, natural elements, and blends rustic and contemporary touches. If you’re familiar with farmhouse charm, think of modern organic as its relative, centered on making the space feel welcoming and homey. The color palette features mainly neutrals like cream, tan, light gray. Paired with wood finishes, it’s easy to see where the style gets its name from. 

As this creator puts it, “modern organic is perfect for people who love the clean look of modern design but don’t want that sterile, hospital feeling.” They suggest using warm tones with soft greens, terracotta, and black as accents. Incorporate reclaimed woods, leathers, and linens, and go for matte stonewashed or marble finishes (they look more natural than shiny finishes). While you don’t need to “turn your home into a greenhouse,” they say, you can place a few houseplants throughout your space for an earthy feel. 

Get more modern organic TikTok inspiration from this video showcasing different layouts and designs, this charming house tour, and these decor tips


Japandi style combines the minimalism of Scandinavian hygge and the relaxed style of wabi-sabi to create a midcentury modern heaven. Add sculptural pieces of furniture and decor, mostly muted tones with some pops of color, houseplants, and various textures to achieve it in your own home. While functionality is important, there’s also a focus on comfort (so set out your blankets and light all the candles). This combination makes your space perfect for hosting—and fall is the season of entertaining, after all.

This TikTok explains that both hygge and Japandi are defined by natural materials, minimalism, and low fuss. In the video, the creator recommends featuring timber on your walls, ceilings, or floors, including handmade or organic decor pieces (like ceramic pots or hand-molded vases), and finding materials that are natural and neutral. 

For more Japandi inspiration, watch this TikTok to see multiple design photos, this one for quick general tips, and this one for a more in-depth exploration of the trend.

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