I Tried TikTok’s Trending Twist on Avocado Toast, and It’s Now an A.M. Go-To

Cottage cheese lovers, this one’s for you.

Avocado toast with cottage cheese on plate

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Avocado toast has been a breakfast (or brunch) of choice for many of us for years now, and, unsurprisingly, what feels like hundreds of variations on the classic avocado-and-toast combo have popped up since its rise to peak popularity. Recently, TikTok introduced us to an interesting variation: avocado and cottage cheese. Called Green Goddess Toast (inspired by the popular Trader Joe’s dressing) by some creators, all you need are those two ingredients to make an avocado toast that may be unlike any you’ve tried before.

Cottage cheese is one of the more polarizing foods out there; some are repulsed by the texture, and others could eat it as a meal by itself. If you love cottage cheese, this is a safe space. While I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, I’ll eat it as a side with a little salt and pepper every once in a while. Since I enjoy both foods, I decided to try the trend for myself to see if it was good enough to replace my usual avocado toast

I took a trip to my local Trader Joe’s to (attempt to) get a perfectly-ripe avocado, a tub of cottage cheese, and a couple of limes to squeeze on top. Some comments on videos sharing this trend suggested also adding honey and red pepper flakes, so I went for it. 

The recipe simply calls for you to toast your bread (my go-to is Oatnut from Oroweat), plop on a couple spoonfuls of cottage cheese, place sliced avocado on top, and add your toppings. This creator added blueberries, dill, sea salt, hemp, chia, and honey, and some recommendations from commenters include tabasco, hot honey, and cantaloupe. One wrote that cottage cheese, Hidden Valley ranch seasoning, and chopped dill pickles on sourdough tastes like a fried pickle, if you’re into that. Other TikToks show home chefs blending or mixing the cottage cheese and avocado together to get a smoother spread—which may be a good option if you’re not a fan of the original texture of either ingredients. 

I tried the trend three different ways: a piece of toast with just cottage cheese, one with sliced avocado and cottage cheese, and avocado and cottage cheese blended. Overall, I preferred the one with just cottage cheese—I couldn’t really taste the flavor of either when I used both. I enjoyed the blended version after getting used to the texture of the mixture (it took a few bites). Pro tip: If you’re blending, make sure to add a splash of water to get the smooth consistency. A squeeze of lime juice and a large pinch of red pepper flakes to finish it off was essential for adding acidity and some heat on each kind. 

Not only does it intensify the flavor and creaminess of the avocado, but cottage cheese also increases the nutrients and packs a lot of protein into your toast. As someone who practices a flexitarian diet (I’m vegetarian approximately 85% of the time), this is a really nice bonus. You can usually find a low-fat cottage cheese option, too, if desired.

Overall, I enjoyed mixing up my everyday toast, and I think I’ll include this recipe in my regular rotation of breakfasts. I wouldn’t say it beats my regular avocado toast, but with the added health benefits and flavors, it’s a worthy contender. If you’re not a cottage cheese fan, I’d recommend staying far away. But if you are, definitely try it out: Play around with the toppings, come up with your own personal touch, and have fun with it.

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