Bring your love for Star Wars into the kitchen with these so-fun gadgets. To put it in the words of Yoda, "As the kitchen you enter, may the force be with you."

By Lauren Juhl

All Star Wars fans know May 4th is far more than just an ordinary day. Get ready for May 4th by checking out all of these  Star Wars-inspired kitchen gadgets and bring your love for this out-of-this-world saga to another level!

The Dark Side

Get ready to dish out a delightful batch of cookies or conquer the galaxy with the power of the force. No matter what you choose to use them for, these oven gloves will make a great addition to any collection — whether bakeware or personal fandom. These durable oven gloves are crafted from heat-resistant silicone and provide a more menacing look than traditional oven mitts. You'll be ready to take down the rebel base, or defeat your family's hunger, with ease thanks to these gloves.

Darth Vader Oven Gloves

Price: $32.07

"Luke, I Am Your Father."

Bring your love for Star Wars to the breakfast table with Darth Vader waffles! Transform your favorite waffle recipe into something truly memorable that resembles something from "a galaxy far, far away," — and what's more memorable than Darth Vader on your waffles?. Accommodate everyone in the family with soft, golden waffles or waffles that are more on the crispy side thanks to the five temperature settings.

Darth Vader Waffle Maker

Price: $39.99

Hans Solo-Approved

Get ready to grab Chewbacca and take a wild ride! With this ice cube mold you'll be able to create your very own Millennium Falcon- and X-Wing-shaped ice cubes. For a fun and fruity twist, add your favorite fruit to the water before setting your ice cube mold in the freezer. As the ice slowly melts you'll end up with a delightfully fruit-infused drink that has remnants of a spaceship that took part in some of the greatest victories of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic.

Star Wars Silicone Ice Cube Tray

Price: $13.98

The Weapon of the Jedi

Summer is right around the corner, and this year it's time to bring the treasured weapon of the Jedi to your collection of grilling gadgets. As you go to flip that burger, reach for your trusted lightsaber spatula that features a heatproof handle. The one-of-a-kind spatula is sure to be a hit this summer with both Star Wars fans and those that are just fans of a great cheeseburger.

Slotted Star Wars Spatula

Price: $14.99

I Find Your Lack of Spatulas Disturbing

Calling all Padawans: Get ready to master the force in the kitchen with this set of three Star Wars-themed spatulas. These must-have spatulas will brighten any Star Wars fan's day with their knockout features and classic character designs. The BPA-free set features Darth Vader, Yoda, and R2-D2, all on durable silicone heads. You'll be able to tackle any cooking adventure — with the strength of the chosen one — with the use of these trusty tools by your side!

Star Wars Spatulas, Set of 3

Price: $27.95

The Old Empire is Salty

There won't be any question about your love for Star Wars when you display these Empire salt and pepper shakers on your table. These standout shakers are crafted of ceramic, and would make a perfect addition to any Star Wars fanatic's table. Easily display these pieces year round as they seamlessly pair with any black and white decor your have in your home.

Star Wars Empire Salt & Pepper Shakers

Price: $16.67

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away

Bust out the ice cream this summer — and maybe put the blasters away. Every time you go to enjoy one of your favorite treats be sure to utilize your easy-to-clean Star Wars dessert bowls. These trendy bowls feature images of inspirational characters such as Princess Leia, and those not-so-inspirational characters, Darth Vader, and a stormtrooper. Bonus: Flip your bowl over, and on the bottom there's a signature saying from the movie!

Ceramic Dessert Bowls, Set of 4

Price: $15.99

Toasty Trooper

In a kitchen far, far away breakfast was forever changed by a stormtrooper. This unique toaster features extra wide and long toaster slots to accommodate a variety of breads, has a removable crumb tray, and possibly the best part, it will imprint the Imperial logo onto your bread. We hope you're ready to enjoy an out-of-this-world breakfast thanks to this must-have Star Wars find!  

Star Wars Stormtrooper Toaster

Price: $59.90

The "Obi-Wan" Pizza Cutter You Need

Pizza is pretty amazing already, but for Star Wars fans this pizza cutter will take your love for the tasty food to another level. The dishwasher-safe cutter will make pizza night more fun than ever before with it's Darth Vader lightsaber handle. Complete with a stainless-steel blade, this pizza cutter is for more than just looks.The best part? This pizza cutter goes above and beyond as it plays the sound of Darth Vader's lightsaber when you use it to slice.

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Pizza Cutter

Price: $14.99

"Beep, Bo, Beep, Bo, Beep."

The galaxy's favorite robot was made for communicating messages, and this miniature R2-D2 timer is no different. This free-standing timer will be your perfect partner when taking on any meal or the Empire forces. To use, simply rotate R2-D2's dome top to start the countdown. Display R2-D2 year-round along with all of your other Star Wars kitchen gadgets!

Star Wars R2-D2 Timer

Price: $19.99



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