The 8 Best Thermostats of 2023

Whether you prefer a smart device or something more traditional, we’ve rounded up the best thermostats to keep your home comfortable.

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Thermostats are a household essential. They help keep your home at a comfortable temperature, which in turn makes it easier to cook, sleep, exercise, and relax in your space.

The control type is one of the most important considerations to make when picking the best thermostat for your house. Consider whether you want a device that has smart features or whether you want something more traditional and simple.

There’s another important consideration to keep in mind, too. “It’s essential that before you buy a thermostat, you make sure that it’s compatible with your existing heating and cooling system,” says Brian Shaunfield, store manager at Lowe’s in Charlotte, N.C. “The most common system you’ll see is central heat and air or just central heat systems, but other systems could include heat pump, electric baseboard, fireplace, and floor/wall furnace systems.”

If the sheer number of thermostat options and features overwhelms you, refer to our handy guide below with the top picks for smart thermostats, budget-friendly thermostats, and plenty of other choices in between.

Best Overall

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced


Why You Should Get It: It can display the inside temperature and humidity levels, as well as outside weather conditions.

Keep in Mind: The SmartSensors can only be purchased in pairs.

Ecobee is known for producing some of the best thermostats, like the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced. Some of the highlights include filter and maintenance reminders and the Energy Star rating.

The thermostat itself displays information like the current temperature and humidity level, plus weather conditions and the weekly forecasts. It also features tools to help you reduce energy costs, like pausing heating or cooling when doors or windows are open and adjusting the temperature based on humidity.

In addition to using the device and app, you can also control the thermostat with Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Siri voice commands. While you do need a C-wire connection to hook up the thermostat, if you don’t have one, you can use the included C-wire adapter kit. 

Embedded into the thermostat is a radar sensor that informs the system if people are around or not and then changes the temperature accordingly. If this feature is important to you and the room the thermostat is in doesn’t get a lot of traffic, you’ll want to consider purchasing SmartSensors.

SmartSensors can be placed around the house to monitor activity, even if the room doesn’t host the actual thermostat. However, you can’t purchase a single sensor, only pairs.

This thermostat works with most HVAC systems, including conventional furnaces and air conditioners, boilers, heat pumps, PTACs (ductless air conditioners), or fan coil units with up to three fan speeds.

Price at time of publish: Starts at $170

Product Details: Dimensions: 4.09 x 2.9 x 4.09 inches | Control Type: Smart | Type: Heating and cooling

Best Budget

Amazon Smart Thermostat

Amazon Smart Thermostat


Why You Should Get It: Useful tech-y features, like the Energy Star certification and automatic temperature adjustments, make this a valuable buy for the price.

Keep in Mind: You need a C-wire or C-wire adapter to use this exclusively Alexa-compatible device.

Tech doesn’t have to be expensive, and this smart thermostat is proof. This device is Energy Star-certified, is made from 33% post-consumer recycled plastic, and can prioritize energy usage when CO2 usage is lower. It also comes with an energy dashboard to track energy usage in the Alexa app.

The minimalist-style thermostat is also made with technology from Honeywell Home, one of the big names in heating and cooling. The LED home screen features the current temperature, up and down arrows, and what mode the thermostat is in (cool, heat, fan, or auto).

With Alexa Hunches, an Alexa setting that offers reminders and takes automatic actions with your smart devices, the temperature adjusts based on where you are or what time it is. The Alexa app also lets you create a schedule (up to four periods per day), change the temperature, and check your energy consumption.

Since this is an Amazon brand, the smart thermostat is only compatible with Alexa, an Amazon device. If you have an Alexa speaker like the Echo, you can also take advantage of voice commands to control the thermostat.

A C-wire or C-wire adapter is required for installation, which may require you to spend a little extra money. Overall, this is the best thermostat for the value. 

Price at time of publish: $80

Product Details: Dimensions: 3.56 x 3.56 x 0.84 inches | Control Type: Smart | Type: Heating and cooling

Best Splurge

Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium

ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium


Why You Should Get It: The extra features, such as the air quality monitor and speaker, make this the ultimate multitasker.

Keep in Mind: It costs extra to get SmartSensors for your door included. 

If you have some wiggle room in your budget, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium is the best thermostat for you. It supports Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT (“If This Then That”, which is customized triggers and actions for third-party smart home devices), and SmartThings, which makes it easier to manage with your other smart devices.

While other Ecobee thermostats are trimmed with plastic, this one is trimmed with zinc, creating a more modern, high-end look. The thermostat also comes with a radar sensor that surpasses the infrared sensor of its predecessors.

This results in a more accurate reading of activity in the house and whether or not it should go into “Away” mode. You can add up to 32 more sensors, which is ideal for spaces with more square footage that need additional monitoring.

There’s also a built-in speaker that lets you play music via AirPlay, Amazon Music, and Spotify. Alexa Voice Control is a part of the system, but you can also use voice commands with Google Assistant and Siri if you have a compatible speaker.

The device is impressively knowledgeable, able to tell you more than just the indoor temperature. It also knows the air quality, indoor humidity, local weather, and more.

You can get this information from the unit itself or the Ecobee app. In the app, you can configure settings like temperature adjustment based on humidity and pausing the HVAC when doors or windows are open (in addition to the usual schedules).

Price at time of publish: $220

Product Details: Dimensions: ‎4.09 x 2.9 x 4.09 inches | Control Type: Smart | Type: Heating and cooling

Best Smart

Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Google Nest Learning Thermostat


Why You Should Get It: This thermostat learns your preferences without you having to manually program them.

Keep in Mind: It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, but not Apple HomeKit.

The best smart thermostat is the Google Nest Learning Thermostat. Instead of having to program everything yourself, simply use the thermostat for a week and it will learn your habits and preferences. From there, it will program itself internally so you don’t have to manually change your home’s temperature. 

If you do want some control though, you can use the Nest app or voice command (if you have a smart speaker and Google Assistant or Alexa) to adjust the temperature manually. When you’re on the app, you can also look at your energy history to track the impact of how you’re using the thermostat.

Another way to keep an eye on this is to check the thermostat itself and look for a leaf symbol, which signals that you’ve chosen an energy-saving temperature.

You’ll also be able to save energy by putting far-field sensors around your house, which the thermostat will use to determine whether you’re home or not. If you’re gone, it’ll set the temperature higher or lower to save you money (higher when it’s warmer and lower when it’s cooler).

There are also seven finishes to choose from, including black, brass, stainless steel, mirror black, polished steel, white, and copper, which is more than any other thermostat on this list.

Price at time of publish: From $192

Product Details: Dimensions: 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.21 inches | Control Type: Smart | Type: Heating and cooling

Best Non-Programmable

Honeywell Home RTH5160D1003 Non-Programmable Thermostat

Honeywell Home RTH5160D1003 Non-Programmable Thermostat


Why You Should Get It: The simple installation and user experience takes all the guesswork out of heating and cooling.

Keep in Mind: The batteries aren’t included.

For some, the best thermostats aren’t smart—they’re simple, like this one from Honeywell Home. Featuring a display of 4 square inches, the face is large enough to be able to easily read the temperature. 

The large plus and minus buttons are user friendly as well, and the thermostat automatically switches from heat to cool, depending on the inside temperature. Though non-programmable, it does have a large backlit display that’s much easier to read than the older, more traditional options (and shows both current and set temperatures at the same time). 

One major benefit is that this thermostat is specifically designed to work with most wire systems, so installation should be simple and straightforward. The thermostat runs on two AA batteries, but they aren’t included with the purchase.

Even if it dies (it’ll alert you in advance when the batteries are low) or there’s a power outage, you don’t have to reprogram the settings. You can also get a cover guard with a lock and key to prevent any unauthorized tampering.

Price at time of publish: From $42

Product Details: Dimensions: 6.63 x 8.75 x 1.75 inches | Control Type: Manual | Type: Heating and cooling

Best Programmable

Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Pro 7-Day Programmable Thermostat

Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Pro 7-Day Programmable Thermostat


Why You Should Get It: The copy-paste programming and simple display make this device user-friendly.

Keep in Mind: The thermostat requires you to set two home and two away temperatures.

A programmable thermostat is the perfect compromise between a bare bones non-programmable option and a savvy smart one. The contemporary design features a large backlit screen that displays the time, current and set temperatures, and whether the device is set to heat, cool, or auto.

Surrounding the screen are a few useful buttons: set, run, hold, and two arrows for up and down. This thermostat is compatible with most systems, like central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps without backup.

You can program each day of the week individually, and you can set four programming periods within each day. Once you set a program, it can be copied to save you from having to program each day individually.

That said, you are required to set two home and two away temperatures, which may be an inconvenience to people with less particular needs. Still, the pro of programming remains: You relieve yourself of the burden of having to manage the thermostat on a daily basis.

The thermostat starts cooling or heating in advance so it reaches your desired temperature by the designated time. Three AAA batteries are required to operate the thermostat, and you’ll receive a warning when they’re running low. 

Price at time of publish: $55

Product Details: Dimensions: 1.3 x 5.3 x 3.25 inches | Control Type: Programmable | Type: Heating and cooling

Best with Wi-Fi

Sensi Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Sensi Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


Why You Should Get It: The home screen of the thermostat provides a lot of information without being overwhelming, and this is the least expensive option on our list with voice control.

Keep in Mind: Without IFTTT applets, you can’t connect this to third-party smart home devices.

If you’re looking for a thermostat with Wi-Fi, the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is the best thermostat for you. In addition to using the actual device or app, you can use voice control with Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant to control the temperature. It also supports HomeKit, SmartThings, and Wink home automation systems (but not IFTTT applets).

One of the features that makes Energy Star certification possible is geofencing, which sets back your thermostat three degrees whenever you are more than three miles from your home. Other useful features include usage reports, flexible scheduling, and remote access from the corresponding app.

While the Sensi app gives you access to an impressive amount of information, so does the actual thermostat screen. On the home screen, you are able to view the current time, whether your Wi-Fi is connected, how much battery life is left, both the set and actual temperature, and mode, fan, and schedule indicators.

Two AA batteries are included, which can be inserted into the mounting base so that if you have a Wi-Fi outage, there’s a backup energy source. If the batteries die or you decide to go without and an outage occurs, the thermostat itself will still run—you just won’t be able to monitor and change settings via your phone or voice control.

Price at time of publish: $119

Product Details: Dimensions: 3.75 x 5.88 x 1 inches | Control Type: Smart | Type: Heating and cooling

Best Settings

Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat

Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat


Why You Should Get It: You’re able to customize the temperature of each room with this device.

Keep in Mind: The price of sensors, which you can purchase separately or with the thermostat, adds up quickly.

If you’re looking for a thermostat with a variety of features, this is our top pick. The Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat is ideal for large homes or homes with varying light exposure.

This is one of the best thermostats because of the remote sensors (you can have up to 20 connected to the device) with an impressive 200 foot range each. The sensors detect when a room is occupied, and then send a message to the thermostat to adjust to the ideal temperature.

When programming your system, you first create a schedule. Then, select which room or rooms will serve as the average reference temperature for each time in the schedule, once again via the sensors. You can also program your device to use geofencing, which detects when you’re away and changes the temperature accordingly.

On the device and the Honeywell Home app, you’ll be able to see the humidity, current and set temperatures, and modes. Voice control is available via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. IFTTT applets make it possible to use other smart home devices, though options are limited.

Because it’s Energy Star certified, you have access to a monthly energy report in the app that helps you determine where you can cut back to save money on your power bill

A C-wire is required, but you can opt to purchase one separately or as part of a set with the thermostat.

Price at time of publish: $155

Product Details: Dimensions: 4.92 x 3.7 x 0.94 inches | Control Type: Smart | Type: Heating and cooling

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced was our top choice because of its smart capabilities and Energy Star rating, which combined, can help save users energy and money.

What to Know About Thermostats Before Shopping


Thermostats can be hard to hide because you need constant access to them, so if that bothers you, you should consider a smaller, thinner option. That said, the face needs to be big enough that you can easily see and operate it, particularly if it’s a touch screen.

On our list, the Ecobee Smart Thermostat Enhanced and Ecobee Smart Thermostat Premium have the largest faces.

Control Type

There’s three basic types of control to consider: smart, programmable, and manual (or non-programmable). “Do you want to be able to manage your thermostat remotely and have it automatically adjust to heat/cool your home? Consider a smart thermostat with Wi-Fi capabilities,” Shaunfield says.

This allows you the most control, and often lets you program your thermostat based on how close you are to home, find out how much energy your home is using in real time, and more.

“A programmable thermostat automatically adjusts temperature throughout the day,” he says. This means you only have to set up your preferences depending on the time of day and minimum/maximum temperature once.

For those who would find themselves overwhelmed by an app or simply don’t need the amount of information or customization a smart thermostat offers, a programmable thermostat is a great compromise between a smart and non-programmable thermostat.


The best thermostats control both heating and cooling, making it easier for your home to reach your desired temperature. However, you can also find thermostats that control just one of the two.

Heating thermostats close their electric contacts when the temperature drops below whatever you deemed the minimum allowed. Cooling thermostats, on the other hand, will energize when the temperature rises above whatever you deemed the maximum allowed.

Your Questions, Answered

How do you install a thermostat?

The first step is essential: turn off the power to your heating and cooling system at your main fuse or circuit box. Whether you’re trying to install a smart thermometer or an electric baseboard heater thermostat, the next step is similar to hanging a picture.

“Use a level and mark the location for the mounting holes,” Shaunfield says. “Drill the holes and if needed, use drywall anchors.” After you’ve completed this step, feed the wires through the wall plate and fasten the plate to the wall, securing the wires so they don’t fall back into it.

The thermostat’s instructions will indicate how the wires are labeled and which terminals they need to be connected to. “Now you’re on to the easy stuff. Install batteries as needed, mount the thermostat onto the wall plate, and restore your power to start using your brand new thermostat,” he says.

What are the benefits of a thermostat?

Thermostats help regulate the temperature of your home to keep you comfortable. Everyone has a different idea of what a comfortable temperature is, and by specifying one via your thermostat, it’s able to work with your heating and cooling system to keep you satisfied.

This kind of control also helps you save money. On smart thermostats specifically, you can also control your temperature from a distance, track how much energy you’ve used, and more depending on the model. The smart thermostats that offer the most settings and benefits are the Honeywell Home T9 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat and the Google Nest Learning Thermostat

Do thermostats help you save money?

The best thermostats can absolutely help you save money, whether you want to cool down or warm up.

“If you’re away from home often, a programmable thermostat will allow you to program the temperature to daily and weekly settings,” Shaunfield says. “If you want the ability to alter your thermostat settings from wherever you are, you might want to consider a smart thermostat, which usually comes with an app you can control remotely.”

Ultimately, both options will allow you to control your temperature and help you save money by not using extra energy to regulate the temperature of your home.

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