These lower-calorie options are anything but boring.
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We typically associate Thanksgiving foods with classic menu items like turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, or decadent desserts and gorgeous pies. This year, make some healthy swaps that are a feast for the eyes and still a little indulgent.

You can still dig into mashed potatoes, stuffing, and pumpkin pie. But these healthy Thanksgiving appetizers will keep you—and the kids—full until it’s time to serve the meal.

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Sourdough Turkey

After seeing these sourdough pull-apart rolls, we’ll never eat Thanksgiving rolls the same way again. Sarah Fowler from 30 Minute Foodie constructed this turkey look-alike by arranging her rolls in feather formations before baking. Before serving, top the baked bread with edible candy eyes ($3, Target).

Turkey Pretzels

This healthy Thanksgiving snack practically doubles as a fun holiday craft. Set the kids loose with peanut butter and pretzels, and let them assemble their own turkeys (complete with candy eyes and cranberry necks).

Festive Veggie Tray

Themed food boards (like these Thanksgiving charcuterie boards) are definitely in this season, and we’re loving this veggie-filled take. Assemble your own turkey veggie tray by loading a serving platter with layers of bright carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, peppers and celery. A bowl of homemade ranch dip forms the perfect turkey body (and makes a tasty snack).

Cheese and Cracker Pie

Think this is pumpkin pie? Think again! These festive cheese-and-cracker bites look just like miniature slices of our favorite Thanksgiving dessert, but they're actually a pre-dinner appetizer.

Sourdough Turkey Crackers

Some of our favorite Thanksgiving foods are savory sides, so we already know we’ll be making these cheesy Sourdough turkeys. Grab the recipe from 30 Minute Foodie, then whip up a batch of your own bird-shaped crackers and serve them with a dip of cream cheese and cranberry sauce—yum!

Turkey Quesadillas

Have you ever served a Mexican-style Thanksgiving menu? No matter what cuisine you serve for the main meal, these festive quesadilla bites are a fun way to kick off the appetizer round. To make your own, prepare a cheese quesadilla and slip in slices of colorful peppers as the cheese melts.


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