Turkey Recipes

From start to finish, we'll help you cook and serve the perfect Thanksgiving turkey. First get tips for buying, handling, and thawing a turkey, then follow our foolproof instructions for roasting a turkey. Want to try something new? Try one of our top Thanksgiving turkey rubs or check out shortcut ways to cook a turkey. After Thanksgiving is over, we've got fresh ideas for ways to use leftover turkey.

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How to Defrost a Turkey In Time for the Feast

Come holiday season, one of the most pressing questions is how to defrost a turkey that's been sitting in your freezer. The whole meal revolves around the turkey! How long does it take to thaw a turkey? What's the best method to use? We'll tell you our best turkey-thawing method (hint: it just takes planning) and teach you how to defrost a turkey in the sink the safe way. No matter how you choose to defrost your turkey, be sure it's fully thawed before you start cooking. The fact that you're here shows you're off to a good start.
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Delicious Stuffing Recipes That'll Win Thanksgiving

A classic Thanksgiving roast turkey stuffing is a crucial dish on any holiday dinner menu. Whether you are looking for a rice-based dish or a more traditional bread stuffing recipe, you'll find the best choice for your Thanksgiving dinner here.
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Turkey 101

Mastering the turkey basics can be tricky. Even experienced cooks get nervous when it's time to prepare Thanksgiving's main entree. Let us relieve the pressure with our turkey recipes and information on cooking a turkey that makes Thanksgiving dinner a success.
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Fresh Ideas for Leftover Turkey

Get this: Leftover turkey recipes can be even better than Thanksgiving dinner itself! Try these turkey soups, cheesy casseroles, piled-high sandwiches, turkey salads, and more to put Thanksgiving leftovers to good use.
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Host an Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Dinner Just Like Grandma Did

An old-fashioned Thanksgiving menu truly captures the warmth and goodwill of the holiday. Here, you’ll find every dish you need to complete your traditional feast, including a nostalgic appetizer and punch, turkey and all the classic trimmings (including our best old-fashioned turkey stuffing for Thanksgiving), and the desserts everyone yearns for on this day.
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Our Top Thanksgiving Turkey Rubs

From smoky-sweet to hot 'n' spicy, these easy-to-make turkey seasoning rubs are great for adding an instant punch of flavor to your Thanksgiving menu. Our simple mixtures use fresh greens and herbs alongside creative seasonings to provide an easy turkey rub with a twist.
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More Turkey Recipes

Our Secrets on How to Make Turkey Gravy That's Lump-Free and Flavorful

Make your bird holiday-ready with a savory turkey gravy recipe. The key to creating a perfect turkey gravy topping for your potatoes and turkey is using the flavorful drippings from your cooked turkey.
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Turkey Roasting 101

Roast turkey is a Thanksgiving must. Use all our best tips on how to roast a turkey. From purchasing the right pan to carving a roast turkey, you'll find great information and tips to make the holiday meal easier.
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