Our Thanksgiving Survival Guide

Don't let stress become a part of your Thanksgiving feast -- our Thanksgiving survival guide is here to help! From quick how-to videos that guide you through everything from brining a turkey to crafting a centerpiece, we make hosting Thanksgiving easy.

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    How to Cook a Turkey with Herbs

    Make your turkey extra flavorful this Thanksgiving by cooking it with fresh herbs -- here's how!

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    How to Brine a Turkey

    Max out the flavor of your Thanksgiving turkey with the brining technique – watch this short video to learn how it’s done.

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    How to Deep-Fry a Turkey

    Learn how to deep-fry your turkey with these easy tips from our Test Kitchen.

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    How to Carve a Turkey

    Learn how to properly carve a turkey (in the kitchen, not at the table!) with our quick secrets-to-success video.

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    Pinecone Chair Toppers

    Bring the outdoors inside with these pinecone chair decorations, perfect and easy additions to your Thanksgiving table.

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    Tips for Making Mashed Potatoes

    Make your Thanksgiving mashed potatoes just the way you like them with these tips from our Test Kitchen expert.

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    How to Make Succotash

    Learn how to make a basic succotash recipe for your Thanksgiving feast from renowned American chef Scott Peacock and Better Homes and Gardens Food Editor Nancy Hopkins.

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    How to Make a Harvest Wreath

    Make a pretty harvest wreath for your front door to welcome Thanksgiving guests with our step-by-step instructions.

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    Make a Creative Thanksgiving Centerpiece

    A simple platter becomes a pretty Thanksgiving centerpiece with some chalkboard paint and colored chalk -- watch how it's done!

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    Easy Thanksgiving Napkin Ideas

    Set your Thanksgiving table with these easy and beautiful fall napkin ideas from cookbook author Sandra Lee.

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    How to Roll Pie Dough

    Make a perfect pie for your Thanksgiving feast with our expert tips on how to roll pie dough.

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    How to Make a Woven Lattice-Top Pie

    Our simple tips for weaving a lattice-top pie crust will turn a basic Thanksgiving pie into a presentationworthy dessert.

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    Make Homemade Pie with Decorative Crusts

    Put the final flourish on all your homemade pies with ease – check out our five simple techniques for making beautiful pies every time.

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