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Keep the holidays light with a table full of classic but healthy Christmas recipes. Our holiday menu ideas put a healthy spin on favorite Christmas dishes, such as mashed potatoes, roasts, scrumptious breads, and appetizers.

Butternut-Sage Crostini

For a delicious holiday appetizer that packs a wallop of vitamin A and protein, try our squash-topped crostini. Toasty baguette slices form a crunchy base for alternating layers of sage-infused squash and spiced ricotta.

Spicy Apple-Glazed Meatballs

With nine grams of protein and fewer than 150 calories, these juicy meatballs are healthier than you think. The apple glaze makes them perfect for the holidays, while a dose of cayenne and ginger offers a spicy kick.

Warm Brie with Fig and Pistachio Tapenade

Let the party begin with warm bites of soft baked Brie topped with honey-toasted pistachios and figs. This healthy appetizer recipe tastes great on crackers, fresh bread, or fruit slices.

Moroccan Spiced Olives

Talk about a marvelous munch. Nutty coriander and smoky cumin join forces with spicy chiles for a flavorful but light appetizer recipe that will tide you over until dinner.

Asian Dumplings with Pickled Ginger Drizzle

Homemade turkey-stuffed dumplings are the perfect holiday treat. Each tender bite is sauced up with our spicy, easy-to-make ginger drizzle.

Buttermilk-Sage Dinner Rolls

Warm, sage-laced rolls lightly round out your holiday meal. Buttermilk makes the rolls extra fluffy and gives them a hint of tangy flavor that's perfect against sweet sage and a drizzle of honey.

Roasted Root Vegetable and Wilted Romaine Salad

A turn in the oven gives colorful veggies like beets, carrots, and turnips a tender texture that's just right atop crispy romaine lettuce. Homemade thyme vinaigrette keeps this hearty holiday salad low-calorie. 

Cauliflower "Couscous"

Trim the calories and carbs while boosting the vitamins in your healthy Christmas side dishes by using riced cauliflower instead of couscous, rice, or other small grains. To fit the holiday color scheme, this superfood-loaded recipe calls for spinach, pistachios, green onions, and dried cranberries.

Roasted Beet, Goat Cheese, and Fennel Salad

This healthy salad is a colorful addition to your Christmas table and features creamy goat cheese paired with sweet beets. Crunchy walnuts top it all off for a holiday side dish that's nearly a meal in itself.

Browned Butter Brussels Sprouts and Apples

Just-tender apples and crispy walnuts make a holidayworthy side dish out of buttery Brussels sprouts. To turn up the flavor, sprinkle the sprouts with crushed red pepper.

Sour Cream and Corn Mashers

Transform your mashed potatoes with juicy bites of sweet corn and crispy crushed cornflakes. The low-calorie duo combines with garlic and a spoonful of sour cream for ultraflavorful mashed potatoes.

Butternut Squash and Carrot Soup

Serve bowls of this creamy root soup as a healthy side dish this Christmas. Simply spiced with nutmeg and white pepper, the rich flavors of butternut squash and carrot can shine.

Slow-Cooked Sourdough Peasant Bread

A scoop of plain yogurt makes this low-fat slow cooker bread moist, light, and fluffy. Slice into small pieces and set in a basket for easy passing come time for your healthy Christmas dinner.

Seafood Bouillabaisse

Tender shrimp, scallops, and mussels bubble with saffron, cayenne, and veggies in a savory vegetable broth. This stunning but healthy holiday soup is worthy of your Christmas dinner.

Acorn Squash with Bacon-Chive Crumbs

Luscious apple cider sauce heightens the natural sweetness of tender acorn squash to complement the salty bacon and panko topper. If the sweet and savory flavor doesn't already have you hooked, consider that each yummy serving is only 87 calories.

Smoked Gouda and Ale Loaf

Each bite of this ale-infused bread gets heartier than the last, thanks to powerful ingredients like toasted almonds and applewood-smoked bacon. A handful of shredded Gouda cheese in the dough makes this holiday bread recipe even more rich. 

Saucy Apple Pork Roast

Nothing says holiday quite like a roast that's fresh from the oven. This boneless pork top loin roast gets its flavor from rosemary, garlic, pepper, apples, mustard, and lemon juice.

Burgundy Beef Stew

Invite friends and family to scoop up a bowlful of this hearty holiday stew. Each serving of this quick-prep holiday recipe packs a whopping 37 grams of protein. Who says the holidays are unhealthy?

Honey-Glazed Pork Roast

It's easy to imagine this melt-in-your-mouth pork roast as the star of your holiday dinner. Sweet roasted peppers are the perfect complement to the tangy honey-lime glaze.

Heart-Healthy Cheesy Potatoes

Serve a side dish that refuses to compromise. We've found a way to include sharp cheddar cheese, sour cream, cornflakes, and hash browns in a heart-healthy potato side dish.

Roasted Pork with Apples

Eight ingredients—three of them from your spice rack—add zing to roasted pork slices. Fresh cooking apples add a sweet side to the savory holiday recipe.

Star Mint Meringues

Egg whites are the star ingredient that make these crispy peppermint cookies low in calories yet high in elegance. Whip them until soft peaks form, then paint with coloring, pipe, and bake.

New Fashioned

Yes, you can have a cocktail as part of a healthy Christmas menu! This warming whiskey drink is like an old fashioned with a modern twist: a splash of ginger kombucha (a tasty probiotic drink).

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