22 Fresh Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Our Thanksgiving desserts will make you want to ditch plain pumpkin pie! This year, turn to a Thanksgiving dessert that's brimming with luscious winter fruits and warm spices, like the cakes, pies, and tarts featured here. We're sure your holiday guests will love digging in to one of these Thanksgiving desserts.

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    Triple-Citrus Pound Cake

    Candied orange slices and a tangy orange glaze top tender pound cake. Use a decorative 10-inch fluted tube pan to make this Thanksgiving cake look as impressive as it tastes.

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    Fruit and Almond Country-Style Tart

    Peaches, raspberries, apricots, and almonds are tucked into tender almond pastry with a lattice-top crust. Serve this fruit-filled tart in place of your usual pumpkin pie (or create a dessert table loaded with a mix of Thanksgiving pies!).

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    Marshmallow Treat Turkey Dessert

    Your Thanksgiving treats just got a whole lot cuter. Dress up plain marshmallow cereal treats by dipping them in chocolate and decorating to look like brightly colored turkeys. If you have little ones impatiently waiting for the feast to begin, enlist their help in bringing these sweets to life.

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    Autumn Leaf Cookies

    Celebrate the changing leaves outside by serving up Thanksgiving cookies that reflect the colors on the trees. A few drops of dye transforms plain sugar cookies into masterpieces inspired by Mother Nature herself.

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    Pie Cupcakes

    You don't have to skip the pie to serve Thanksgiving cupcakes—just combine the two! With three different pie-cakes to choose from, everyone gets the chance to try their favorite flavor in cupcake form.

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    Melt-in-Your-Mouth Frosted Pumpkin Cookies

    If you're too full for a slice of pie after dinner, reach for a more pint-sized Thanksgiving cookie instead. These mini pumpkin desserts pack a ton of flavor into one tender, tiny frosted cookie, so you can still enjoy the taste of your favorite Thanksgiving desserts without committing to a whole slice of pie.

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    Brown-Bottom Butterscotch Cashew Cream Pie

    Butterscotch tops a salty-sweet nut crust and a rich layer of deep, dark chocolate to make this creamy Thanksgiving dessert idea. Add a layer of sweet brown sugar meringue to finish.

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    Easy Pumpkin Pie Cupcakes

    Pumpkin desserts are a must for any holiday celebration, and these Thanksgiving cupcakes are loaded with luscious fall flavors. Almost like pumpkin pie, these cupcakes get their signature taste from pumpkin pie spice and a full cup of canned pumpkin.

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    Cherry Kuchen Bars

    Powdered sugar icing adds sweetness to tender bars filled with tart cherries. Canned cherry pie filling and a simple icing make the prep for this dessert recipe a breeze to prepare. Too full after the big meal? These Thanksgiving treats can also be a great addition to a holiday brunch, too.

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    Crustless Cheesecake with Cranberry Sauce

    Homemade cranberry sauce tops rich and creamy cheesecake in this five-ingredient dessert. Garnish with sugared cranberries and fresh mint so this Thanksgiving cheesecake stands out from the pies on your dessert table.

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    Earl Grey-Maple Gingerbread with Pumpkin Ice Cream

    Rich and creamy pumpkin ice cream makes our ginger-spiced cake even more irresistible. Made with Earl Grey tea and maple flavors baked right in, this Thanksgiving cake is surprisingly complex (and delicious).

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    Triple Coconut Cream Pie

    Take your coconut cream pie from good to great (and set it apart from the rest of your Thanksgiving pies) with our tricks and tips. Our number one secret? Use three types of coconut.

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    Fudge Cream Pie

    Fluffy meringue crowns a creamy layer of chocolate and a crisp chocolate crust made with chocolate wafer cookies. Don't forget to chill before serving—this easy Thanksgiving dessert tastes best cold.

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    Cranberry Cream Tartlets

    No one gets stuck with the small slice when you make individual  tartlets! Each of these sweet-tart Thanksgiving desserts is topped with delicious vanilla whipped cream and garnished with sugared cranberries.

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    Rustic Blood Orange Tart with Salted Pecan Crust

    Just five ingredients make up this creative and colorful tart, which boasts juicy blood oranges and a salted pecan crust. Pure maple syrup sweetens this easy dessert for Thanksgiving.

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    Cherry-Almond Creamy Cheese Pie

    Cherries and toasted almonds top a rich cheesecake-like filling for a combination of mild sweetness and tart fruitiness in every bite of this Thanksgiving pie recipe.

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    Very-Almond Cheesecake

    Amaretto-laced cheesecake fills a buttery shortbread crust for a luscious dessert that will inspire your guests to go back for seconds. Top with ground toasted almonds for an easy garnish that adds crunch to every bite of this Thanksgiving cheesecake.

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    White Chocolate and Almond Pound Cake

    Drizzled with a white chocolate glaze and sprinkled with toasted almonds, this Thanksgiving cake is a sumptuous treat. The graceful swoops and curves of a fluted tube pan shape it into a work of edible art.

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    Meringue-Topped Raspberry Cupcakes

    Fluffy meringue and a fresh raspberry top Thanksgiving cupcakes laced with raspberry liqueur. Guests will love the unexpected, refreshing burst of fruity flavor at the Thanksgiving table.

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    Almond-Mocha Cake

    Coffee-flavor whipped cream is the finishing touch on this two-layer Thanksgiving cake—one mocha, the other almond. Serve it alongside coffee or tea for a delicious after-dinner treat.

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    Grapefruit Tart with Chocolate-Almond Crust

    If fruity tarts aren't on your list of Thanksgiving dessert ideas, they should be. Fresh slices of orange and grapefruit garnish this artful tart. The homemade chocolate-almond crust is sure to wow any Thanksgiving guest.

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    Lime-Pecan Shortbread Bars

    Sweetened mascarpone cheese and a rich Key lime filling top pecan-studded shortbread for a unique finish to your holiday dinner. This Thanksgiving dessert recipe makes 36 bars—ideal for feeding a crowd.

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