10 Surprising Things to Do with Canned Pumpkin

Pork and Pumpkin Noodle Bowl
Grocery stores may put the canned pumpkin next to the piecrusts, but we say this handy ingredient goes way beyond pumpkin pie. Sink your fork (or spoon, or even your fingers) into these fresh ideas for bringing canned pumpkin into the kitchen.

Canned Pumpkin: Who-Knew Recipes

Push the boundaries of canned pumpkin -- it's not just for pumpkin pie! We'll convince you with 10 tangy recipes.

#1: Whip into Pancakes

We're firm believers that pumpkin belongs in all three meals of the day, so we've added the signature fall flavor to fluffy homemade pancakes.

#2: Include in a Casserole

As casseroles go, there is no recipe higher on our list than pumpkin mac and cheese. Watch as we walk you through the easiest (and definitely one of the tastiest) casserole recipes you'll make this year.

#3: Turn into Fudge

Try some candy-making outside of Christmastime. This fall-theme fudge (hello, pumpkin!) begs to be served at a Halloween party or Thanksgiving get-together.

#4: Drink It

After a few hours in the slow cooker, canned pumpkin becomes creamy, smooth, and liquid. Our secret add-ins? Maple syrup and apple-cinnamon schnapps.

#5: Enhance Corn Bread

Crumbly yet creamy; savory yet sweet. Rethink everything you know about corn bread when you add pureed pumpkin.

#6: Pack Flavor into Risotto

Canned pumpkin's the star of this gluten-free, savory Parmesan and sage-infused risotto recipe.

#7: Make It Mexican

Ole! Pumpkin plays it cool against the heat of jalapenos and chili powder in a Mexican-inspired dinner you'll never forget.

#8: Sneak into Your Soup

Canned pumpkin is the secret to the creamy texture in our super easy lentil soup recipe. 

#9: Spread onto Toast

If you love pumpkin so much you could put it on everything, this is your chance! Two cans of pumpkin are the base for a simple fall-spiced butter that's great for a food gift or just as a gift to yourself.

#10: Process into Pesto

Pumpkin, meet pesto. Basil and parsley bring out pumpkin's savory side in an incredible dip you simply have to try.

BONUS: Freeze into Ice Cream

The debate begins: Do you start devouring this pumpkin-laced ice cream while it's still a solid scoop, or wait until it starts to melt into an ooey-gooey pumpkin sauce?

BONUS: Enjoy as an Appetizer

Why save pumpkin for the final course? Here, canned pumpkin becomes the spread for a shrimp-topped bruschetta.

BONUS: Add to Oatmeal

Ho-hum oatmeal? Never again! Canned pumpkin adds creaminess to the breakfast staple in this 15-minute recipe that's anything but basic.

BONUS: Toss with Pasta

This spaghetti dinner is everything: savory, sweet, hearty, and light. Pumpkin is the friend pork has always wanted.

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