Turkey Meal Basics

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Our quick refresher course on buying, thawing, and cooking a traditional bird, plus great ideas for side dishes and desserts.

Turkey Basics

Follow these steps for a bird you'll be proud of -- a turkey that won't be dry or pale and that will be done on time.

Selecting the Right Turkey Roasting Pan

Learn how to ensure the most flavorful results for your meal.

Turkey Safety

Our Test Kitchen experts answer the most common questions about safe cooking and handling practices for turkey.

Turkey: Stuffing 101

Use our tips for putting the safest and best-tasting stuffing on your table.

Thermometer Tips

Protect your family and guests by cooking foods to the proper temperatures. Look here for info on different types of thermometers.

Carving a Roasted Turkey

To carve poultry with confidence, use a sharp knife and follow these directions.

Make-No-Mistake Gravy

Here's how to turn the flavorful drippings from roast poultry into gravy.

Turkey Accents of Cranberry

Homemade cranberry relish, sauces, and chutneys add sparkle to your holiday celebrations.

Traditional Vegetable Sides

Try some of our favorite squash, potato, and carrot sides for your special meal.

Green Bean Side Dishes

Cook up a green vegetable side dish for your meal.

Colorful Sweets

Colorful sweet potatoes are an expected tradition for Thanksgiving.

Pumpkin Pie

Create a picture-perfect ending to your holiday meal with one of the recipes for pumpkin pie.

Finish with Chocolate

View our collection of holiday treats to finish a meal or box up for take-home gifts.

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