It's not all Pilgrims and pumpkin pie. How well do you know our favorite floating Thursday celebration?

Soul food always has big flavors, and this herb-rubbed Thanksgiving turkey recipe is no exception!

Question #1

What other country celebrates its own version of Thanksgiving -- sometimes called L'action de graces -- on the second Monday of October?


Canada. It's not nearly as prominently celebrated as in the U.S., with most people just giving thanks for the three-day weekend.

Question #2

True or false: The day after Thanksgiving -- Black Friday -- is indeed the busiest shopping day of the year.


False. The day with the greatest volume of sales is usually the last Saturday before Christmas, because one thing Americans like more than shopping is procrastination.

Question #3

The first Thanksgiving parade (in 1920) was sponsored by what department store chain -- which shut down in the '80s (so nope, it's not Macy's)?


Gimbels. Once the world's most profitable department store chain -- and the setting for "Miracle on 34th Street" -- the chain went belly-up in 1986 (though it was "revived" as the setting for the 2003 film "Elf").

Question #4

Hebert's Meats in Louisiana claims to be the originator of what cleverly named Thanksgiving dish that incorporates multiple types of meat via a technique known as "engastration"?


Turducken. "Engastration" involves stuffing one animal into the body of another -- in this case, a chicken into a duck and then into a turkey.

Question #5

In Arlo Guthrie's 18-minute musical monologue, "Alice's Restaurant" (traditionally played on the radio on Thanksgiving), the protagonist is trapped in a hellish government bureaucracy, all because he commits what misdemeanor?


Littering. It's based on a real incident that happened to Guthrie on Thanksgiving 1965.

Question #6

Which is not a real parade somewhere in the U.S.?

(a) McDonald's Thanksgiving Parade (Chicago)

(b) FirstLight Federal Credit Union Sun Bowl Parade (El Paso)

(c) Berkshire Hathaway Parade of Thanksgiving Stars (Omaha)

(d) Dunkin' Donuts Thanksgiving Day Parade (Philadelphia)


(c) Berkshire Hathaway Parade of Thanksgiving Stars (Omaha)

Question #7

Originating in classical mythology, the Thanksgiving icon of the cornucopia is otherwise known as a "horn of" what?


Plenty. Today the cornucopia might be best known as the term used for the weapons-filled starting point of the main contests in "The Hunger Games."

Question #8

In 2013, for the first time -- and most likely last time -- Thanksgiving coincided with what other holiday?


Hanukkah. Due to the vagaries of the Hebrew calendar, we were all lucky enough to live through the one and only Thanksgivukkah.

Question #9

What 1987 comedy film -- about a pair of bumbling losers trying to make their way home for Thanksgiving -- includes the memorable lines "You're going the wrong way!" and "Those aren't pillows!"?


"Planes, Trains and Automobiles." Starring Steve Martin and John Candy, it was written and directed by John Hughes.

Question #10

Counting Christmas Day itself, what's the greatest number of possible days between Thanksgiving and Christmas?


33. If November 1 is a Thursday, Thanksgiving is the 22nd. With November having 30 days, that gives you 33 days till you have to see your in-laws again.

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