You can create these gorgeous (and surprisingly easy) nail art ideas at home.
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These seasonal Thanksgiving nail designs are simple enough for you to do at home if you (understandably) want to skip the salon. With just a few colors and an easy technique or two, you can create a colorful manicure that will look just as beautiful as your Thanksgiving centerpiece. Before you begin, make sure you have some version of these:

5 Thanksgiving Nail Designs

Here are five beautiful options to practice and perfect before the big day. (And don't forget to read about how to safely remove your polish.)

thanksgiving nails orange
Credit: Courtesy of Jasmine Corinna

Simple Single Color Thanksgiving Nails

This simple mani by Jasmine Corinna is perfect for beginners. Start by painting every nail with a coppery orange ($5, Ulta). After you get your desired opacity, apply a sparkly orange ($9, Target) to your middle and ring finger. Let everything dry, apply the top coat, and your super simple manicure is complete.

thanksgiving nails multi color
Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Reohr

Multi-Colored Coffin Thanksgiving Nails

What makes this look by Jessica Reohr eye-catching is the mix of glossy and matte finishes. You'll need an orange ($5, Sally Beauty), a mossy green ($13, Ulta), a yellow ($3, Target), and a brick red ($9, Etsy). Paint your nails in whatever order you'd like, and apply your usual top coat to every other one. Then, apply a matte top coat ($9, Target) to the rest.

thanksgiving nails leaves
Credit: Courtesy of Dania

Fall Thanksgiving Nails

You won't be-leaf how effortless it is to create this gorgeous look by manicurist Dania. After you've applied your base coat, take individual leaf decals ($6, Amazon) with a nail tool, and place them on the tips of your nails. Once you've applied all of them, finish with a top coat.

thanksgiving nails cute
Credit: Courtesy of Monika Page Havens

Acrylic Thanksgiving Nails

No, you don't have to have acrylic nails, but if you want your manicure to look just like Monika Page Havens's, you will. Paint your middle finger with an orange ($5, Sally Beauty), your pinky with a red ($9, Etsy), the index with a teal ($10, Sally Beauty), and your thumb and ring fingers with a glittery gold ($5, Sephora). Then, use a tool to secure gold gems ($4, Etsy) with nail glue ($1, Sally Beauty) right around the cuticle of your index finger. Let everything dry completely, and finish with a top coat.

thanksgiving nail designs
Credit: Courtesy of Aspen Patten

Thanksgiving Nail Art

If you're up for a more intricate option, try out these nails from Aspen Patten. Paint your thumbs with an orange ($5, Sally Beauty), your index nails with a black ($8, Olive & June), the middle nails with a white ($9, Target), the ring fingers with a light gray ($10, Sally Beauty), and the pinkies with a soft pink ($18, Butter London.) Then, take a tool and draw thin white criss-cross lines on the black polish. After that, dab small dots of the black polish on the white nails. Lastly, apply a matte top coat ($9, Target).


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